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Counteracting Hate Speech as a Way of Preventing Genocidal Violence
In order to successfully prevent genocidal crimes and violence, therefore, it is indispensable to effectively address the problem of systematic incitement to hatred.


Convention on Genocide Prevention 4586 R1 Jan19
Prepared for the Office on Genocide Prevention and the Responsibility to Protect and the Department of Global Communications.


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Commemorating the tenth anniversary of the genocide, ALNAP (Active Learning Network for Accountability and Performance in Humanitarian Action) and Danida commissioned two of the...


HANDOUT 5: The Tragedy of Rwanda
Part A: Research Acts of Genocide in the 20th Century Research one of the following genocidal events (except Rwanda) and report to the class. Your presentation must not be between five and 10...


Genocide and mass atrocities are a direct assault on universal human val-ues, including most fundamentally the right to life. These crimes also threaten core U.S. national interests in several ways


The Genocide Prevention Task Force, however, chose to frame the question differently: Instead of These scenarios en-able analysts to identify case-specific indicators that genocidal dynamics are...


GenocideRPT_Nov13.indd | The Nature of Genocide
Genocide is often state-supported and almost always occurs in the context of a broader armed conflict. Unlike war, genocidal violence is specifically aimed at civilians. Halting it usually requires “taking...


Pursuing Institutionalization of
National Mechanisms for the Prevention of Genocide and other. Atrocity Crimes Pursuing Institutionalization of.