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Landslide & Mudslide Safety
Landslide & Mudslide Safety. Preparing for Landslides & Mudslides. Ø Learn about landslide/mudslide risk in your area by contacting your City or County government office of planning...


LANDSLIDE MITIGATION | Existing Factor of Safety
For small landslides, a remediation factor of safety in the 1.2 to 1.5 range is typically used For comparison, the Factor of Safety commonly used for designing earthwork where no landslide...


Landslides and Public Safety
Landslides and Public Safety. 2018 Supplemental Operating Request. The devastating 2014 SR530 “Oso” landslide revealed the lack of understanding of landslide hazards in Washington.


Guide to Landslides
Landslides can take human life. However, even a few inches of slope movement can disrupt septic, Sewer, and water lines and crack foundations, severely.


Landslide Hazards in
Landslide Hazards in Washington State. 2009 NILE LANDSLIDE. This fact sheet is designed to provide general information about landslide hazards and possi-ble warning signs.


Unmanned Aircraft System Assessments of Landslide Safety for
Landslides pose significant threats to the safety of motorists throughout the mountainous terrain of the Pacific Northwest The research will advance landslide safety assessment for transportation corridors...


Landslide Mitigation Strategies. Prepared for Landslide Mitigation Strategies. Landslides are an unfortunate reality for Hennepin County, the metropolitan area and other regions in the State of...


BGS landslide data and
BGS landslide data and mapping in Britain. Acknowledgements. Contents. Types and scales of landslide hazard (4). National Landslide Information Centre.


Landslides: Some terminology. Landslide definition: Movement of a mass of rock, debris or earth down a slope (Cruden, 1991). Landslide inventory: Where do which landslides occur?


Other initiatives regarding landslide susceptibility
Also for landslide (LS) several attempts for LS hazard or risk assessment have been made during the last decade. ►This presentation provides an overview of global and European initiatives on LS...