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SonarG: Big Data Warehousing for Guardium Data
SonarG leverages the jSonar Analytics Tez 0.P2.0latform, an advanced NoSQL Big Data. platform that includes the industry’s first SonarW 0N.9oSQL Data Warehouse (SonarW) and.


JSON with Java
Decoding JSON in Java. The following example makes use of JSONObject and JSONArray where JSONObject is a java.util.Map and JSONArray is a java.util.List, so...


Package ‘jSonarR’
Type Package Title jSonar Analytics Platform API for R Version 1.1.1 Date 2014-07-02 Author jSonar Inc. Maintainer Dylan McCall Description This package enables users to access MongoDB by running...


Parsing JSON
import javax.json.Json; import javax.json.JsonArray; import javax.json.JsonValue; import Code - the array. JSONArray arr = jo.getJSONArray("phoneNumbers"...


When do we need to create JSON?
The JSON file we want to create. add the JSON Schedule object to the array return the String with the whole JSONArray.


Guardium Tech Talk | jSonar
Guardium Big Data Intelligence for Data Security Insights and Integration Part 1. Ron Bennatan. jSonar. March 28, 2018. Upcoming tech talk.


Guardium GBDI | jSonar
Guardium Big Data Intelligence for Data Security Insights and Integration. Chris Brown. jSonar. Dale Brocklehurst. IBM.


Guardium_TechTalk_gbdi_part2 | jSonar
jSonar. April 25, 2018. Upcoming tech talk Title: Guardium Tech Talk: What’s New in Guardium V10.5 Date: Thursday, May 17th, 2018 Time: 1:00PM EDT, 10:00 AM PDT (60 minutes) Speaker: Shay...


PowerPoint Presentation
PowerPoint Presentation


Android mobile application for hospital executives
It contains information about the JSON array which consists of a dense indexed JSONObject output = new JSONObject(Result); JSONArray A = output.optJSONArray...