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Package ‘jSonarR’
new.SonarConnection JSON Studio connection. url the url where JSON Studio can be accessed. host. the hostname of the Mongo server, as it would be entered from the JSON Studio login screen.


Module Title | Querying JSON
JSON data has become popular among web applications. The design of JSON Server is mostly driven by two observations. The first observation is drawn from the history of semi-structured data, in...


Visual Studio 2015 projects. Cloud Optimized CLR. New project system. .csproj is gone. Long live project.json. • Independent of Visual Studio • JSON files instead of VS artefacts • Every file is relevant.


About the Tutorial | Simple Example in JSON
JSON or JavaScript Object Notation is a lightweight text-based open standard designed for human-readable data interchange. The JSON format was originally specified by Douglas Crockford, and is...


Microsoft PowerPoint - Working with JSON in RPG.pptx
Working with JSON in RPG. (YAJL Open Source JSON Tool). This is pretty much how I felt about JSON at first! • ugggh, I just learned XML. Do I need to learn something new?! •


JSONiq: XQuery for JSON
4. JSON Views in Middleware. 5. JSON with XML and HTML. 6. Conclusion. Bibliography. JSONiq: XQuery for JSON. Jonathan Robie Matthias Brantner Daniela Florescu Ghislain Fourny.


The Complete Guide
Chapter 8: Returning JSON using JSONValue and JSONWriter Chapter 9: Using FireDAC Batch Move and JSONWriter Using the RAD Studio IDE. A RAD Studio Enterprise or Architect Edition version 10.1 Berlin or...


TIBCO Jaspersoft Studio User Guide
1.2 Installing Jaspersoft Studio 1.2.1 Requirements 1.2.4 Updating Your Workspace to Jaspersoft Studio 6.2 and Higher


/json/apartment/setName?name=”MydigitalStromServer”&username=dssadmin&password=secret. If not properly authenticated the HTTP Status 403 is returned and the error response contains


3.10/3.77 (May 7, 2018 )
· Web/JSON Interface: o Enhanced browser interface. o New JSON Commands Fixed issue with APP profiles not being updated via JSON STUDIO_UPDATE request.