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Job Interview
Job Interview. Everyday Dialogues. Practice. Do you have any questions about the position? Would you like to ask anything about the job?


Employment - Living in English - ESL Library
Others are important for certain jobs, but not for others. Give three or four qualities that you think are desirable for all EMPLOYMENT HISTORY: Employment Dates Company Name & Address. Job Title.


JOB HUNTING 1. Read and translate the text: Getting a job is a problem which every person earlier or later faces. Then you should check the newspapers where the employers advertize for job vacancies.


Focus Vocabulary | JOB
Job - do (for a living) - occupation - post / position – business – career - trade A job may be full-time or part-time (NOT half-time or half-day). • All she could get was a part-time job...


Job interviews
Job interviews can be a nerve-racking experience, especially when you don’t feel prepared for them. And with the variety of interview questions that can be asked these days, it’s hard to know what type...


Talking about your job
Talking about your job. In this video, Vanya, Emir and Paul have a training session. Listen to the language they use for talking about their jobs and practise saying the useful phrases.


Microsoft Word - A_job_interview_Learner_Worksheets.docx
Learner’s worksheet – A job interview Worksheet 2. Task 2 – Comprehension • Look at sentences 1-7 in the table below. Write TRUE or FALSE in the boxes below.


I am writing to apply for the position / job of …advertised in
• FORMAL LETTERS - LETTER OF APPLICATION FOR A JOB paragraph 1: explain which job you · I have seen your advertisement for a job as… and I would like to apply. · I am writing (to enquire)...


Caretaker/ˈkeəˌteɪkər/ Someone whose job is to look after a large building, such as a school. Someone whose job is to sell or check tickets on a bus, train, etc.


Authentic listening skills Dealing | 1.2 What makes a good job?
1 What job did Mark Bezos have before and what jobs. does he have now? Firefighting is a highly respected job in the USA. Mark Bezos is continuously amazed and motivated by the acts of heroism...