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Introduction to humanities
Introduction to humanities. Fall 2014: humn 1301. Mwf 9-9:50 am, bb 1215. Critical thinking is the bedrock of humanities. It is the force that keeps pulling stable definitions and “timeless truths” back into the vortex of contestation and change.


Introduction to Humanities Program
Introduction to Humanities Program Stanford University Escondido Mall 94110 Stanford, CA 94305-3068 e-mail: [email protected] CURRENT ACADEMIC EMPLOYMENT: Post-Doctoral Fellow, The Introduction to Humanities Program, Stanford University (on research leave for fall).


The Study of
The university should be enormously grateful to the authors of the Study of Undergraduate Education at Stanford and to the hundreds of faculty members, administrators, and students who contributed to this thoughtful and well-informed report. The SUES report is a radical document...


Chapter 1
Prior to the Enlightenment most people had viewed life as static. Reflecting the view that fashions and living conditions were unchanging, the medieval artist portrayed early Christians dressed in contemporaneous costumes and inhabiting fifteenth century castles.


Introduction to Humanities II Units: 3 Advisory: Eligibility for ENGL 1A Hours: 54 lecture Introduction to the western cultural tradition through a survey of its religion, art, philosophy, literature, music, and architecture; covers the Renaissance through the modern world.


Humanities (HUMA)
HUMA 401 - Introduction to the Humanities Credits: 4 Introduction to the interdisciplinary study of the humanities. Taking as its entry point a signicant work, the course is organized by topics related to that work, selected and arranged to invoke lively intellectual debate among faculty and students alike.


HUM 100. Introduction to Humanities. 4 Credits. Introduces students to college-level study in the humanities; promotes a sense of humanity through such topics as literature, theatre, art, music, architecture, philosophy, and religion by critically thinking about moral values, myths, aesthetics, and...


Humanities Student Learning Outcomes Humanities 1 An Intr
3) Students will demonstrate their understanding of the humanities by composing college level essays that connect these works to the historical eras in which these works were produced, the concepts that define them and the artists who produced them.


Major Academic Plan - BA in Interdisciplinary Humanities
IHUM 262 - Introduction to American Humanities 2: 1877 to the Present 3.0. The interdisciplinary nature of the major makes it an excellent preparation for graduate work in humanistic disciplines and professional schools and also for a wide range of employment, including secondary teaching.


2610.1 (M) Humanities Curriculum | Introduction
Introductory Objective: To understand the components of Humanities Topic and Areas of Inquiry: Humanities: What and The Introduction describes how the curriculum was developed, defines Humanities, discusses the provisions for students of varying abilities, outlines appropriate learning...