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Life’s Passing Storms
There are three kinds of storms. We all experience storms in our lives—those occasions that bring pain, suffering, or loss. It’s in turbulent times that all sorts of questions come to According to verse 25, the answer is yes: “For He spoke and raised up a stormy wind, which lifted up the waves of the sea.”


Thunderstorm Basics
• Typically counter-clockwise rotation looking into storm from some distance. Courtesy Extreme Instability. Thunderstorm Fundamentals. “Classic” Supercell. Rotating Updraft on the LEFT REAR Flank of the Storm. National Weather Service Des Moines, IA. Thunderstorm Fundamentals.


The sky was full of dark clouds / rain.
During the storm the sky lit up with rain / lightning.


It was a terrible d_ (disaster) for the island.
It is a violent storm with very strong winds. In other parts of the world, especially Asia, it is called a typhoon. (Volcanic eruption)_: a volcano is a mountain with a hole in the top, and when it erupts, hot gases and lava are forced out into the air.


Complete the sentence with a word from the box
4. When the storm began, the small boat _ made/headed for nearest harbor. 5. How can you _ put up with all those exhaust fumes! Tickets are 7. _ issued by the machine at the entry barrier when you go into the car park, whether you have pre-booked or not.


How Wastewater Treatment Works...The Basics
Years ago, when sewage was dumped into waterways, a natural process of purification began. First, the sheer volume of clean water in the stream diluted wastes. Bacteria and other small organisms in the water consumed the sewage and other organic matter, turning it into new bacterial cells; carbon...


[36-43] 3. Full anticoagulation: Unless contraindicated we suggest FULL anticoagulation (on admission to the ICU) with enoxaparin, i.e 1 mg kg s/c q 12 hourly (dose adjust with Cr Cl < 30mls/min). [25-29] Heparin is suggested with CrCl < 15 ml/min. Alternative approach: Half-dose rTPA: 25mg of tPA over...