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Evercare ® Study of | National Alliance for Caregiving
Recognizing that family caregivers make important societal and financial contributions toward maintaining the well-being of those for whom The National Alliance for Caregiving and Evercare by UnitedHealthcare are proud to present this first nationwide comprehensive study of Hispanic family...


The Preparedness for Caregiving Scale
Yet, while caregivers provide this high level of skill at home, they often feel unprepared for caregiving and lack the knowledge and skills required to Research has estab-lished that caregiving is stressful and informal caregivers are at high risk for adverse physical and psychological consequences of...


Caregiving 101
• Overview of Family Caregivers • Challenges of Caregiving • Barriers Faced by Caregivers • Emerging Issues • Caregiving Rewards • Resources. © 2010wFwamw.ilcyaCreagrievgeirv.oerrgAlliance. Family Caregiver Alliance | National Center on...


Family Caregiver Alliance ² National Center on Caregiving. 7. contact a local editor to request an interview with a reporter. Practical skills for effective coping, stress reduction, improv-ing self-condence and communicating effectively are taught and reinforced in a group setting under the...


Selected Caregiver Assessment Measures
SKILLS/ABILITIES/KNOWLEDGE TO PROVIDE CARE RECIPIENT WITH NEEDED CARE: Caregiving Confidences and Competencies. Given the current interest in caregiver assessment across health and social service settings, it seemed fitting to update the caregiver assessment...


Manual for the Motivational Interviewing Skill Code (MISC)
Motivational Interviewing Skill Code v. 2.1. The fact that slope, in addition to mean, predicts behavior change suggested another adaptation of the MISC. Motivational Interviewing Skill Code v. 2.1. Low Evocation is evident when the counselor shows little or no interest in exploring the client’s own...


Motivational Interviewing Skill Code (MISC)
The MISC was developed to encode audiotaped or videotaped motivational interviewing interactions between a therapist and an individual client. The term "therapist" is used here to apply to any professional conducting an interview or treatment session, and "client" refers to the interviewee.


Motivational Interviewing Treatment Integrity
Motivational interviewing can often be used to address broader life changes and situations that do not involve a specific change goal, but the MITI will be of limited value for interventions of this type. the MITI might still be useful in evaluating the basic counseling skills of the interviewer.


Interviewing Skills
Interviewing Skills. Few words create the mixed upwelling of excitement and fear quite like “interview." While the interview is not the end Often, the first question an interviewer will ask is, “Tell me about yourself.” They’re not trying to find out where you were born or where you went to high...


Interviewing Skills
Interviewing Skills. “There are two terrible places to be during an interview – sitting in front of the desk wondering what one earth is going to happen next, and sitting behind the desk asking the questions. The average interviewer dreads the meeting almost as much as the interviewee…”