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Innovative Teaching and Teaching Improvement
To discover who innovative teachers are, their practices, and how they might have impact on the improvement of teaching on campus, the authors surveyed 310faculty on our campus, including recipients of Distinguished Teaching Awards, non-recipients of awards, and newer faculty.


Creative Learning and Innovative Teaching
...learning and innovative teaching cannot be exploited unless teachers’ proficiency in using ICT and the quality of ICT in schools is improved, software in The scope of the analysis for the ICEAC study was limited to responses from teachers teaching in obligatory schooling (ISCED levels 1 and 2) in...


Teaching Tips
A Forum for discussion and tips for advancing teaching and learning at Mona. Instructional Development Unit UWI, Mona. We hope this will be an exciting year of teaching and learning for you. The IDU stands ready to assist you in advancing teaching and learn-ing through innovative...


Table of Contents | 3.4 Innovative teaching and learning designs
The focus of innovative teaching and learning designs will never be primarily on the use of technology, but always on the enhancement of the student learning experience and transforming pedagogical practices, improving effectiveness and ensuring efficient support for staff and students.


Innovative teaching is, in essence, the art of breaking down barriers which prevent educators from preparing learners for the gruelling demands of the This annual competition recognises and connects innovative teachers who share a common interest in the enhancement of teaching and learning...


Education and training | Teaching Practice
Using innovative technologies (for example; interactive white boards) the programme is also addressing the universities’ vision of innovative teaching, which Extra 17 modules outlay in Diploma in Grade R Teaching YEAR 1 Listening and Speaking – Language of Teaching and Learning...


Innovative Teaching and Learning
Innovative Teaching and Learning. Studies in Fuzziness and Soft Computing. Editor-in-chief Prof. Janusz Kacprzyk Systems Research Institute Vol. 5. P. Bosc and 1. Kacprzyk (Eds.) Fuzziness in Database Management Systems, 1995 ISBN 3-7908-0858-X. Vol. 6. E. S. Lee and Q. Zhu Fuzzy and...


An innovative teaching approach
To approach innovative teaching, prototype development of tennis wear for female baby boomers was incorporated into the product development course. This semester-long project, fully funded by Cotton Incorporated, guided students in identifying the needs of female baby boomers who play tennis and...


Innovation in Language
Part I Researching Innovative Language Teaching. 1 Innovation in Language Teaching: Pedagogical and Technological Dimensions. 1.1 Language teaching and learning theory 1.1.1 From grammar-translation to communicative teaching: behaviourist and cognitivist learning theories...


Innovative Teaching and Learning Strategies
The focus of the first section is the learning process, and the second section discusses innovative methods of teaching. According to this model, teaching is telling, and learning is bulimic. Some 70 years of research shows that telling, in the form of lecturing, is just as good for transmitting information...