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Innovative Methods of Teaching. Dr. Damodharan V. S. ACCA, AICWA and Mr. Rengarajan.V AICWA. The traditional or innovative methods of teaching are critically examined, evaluated and some modifications in the delivery of knowledge is suggested.


(PDF) Active Learning and Teaching Methods for Key Stages 1 and 2
It is hoped that Active Learning and Teaching Methods will be dipped into and referred to regularly rather than simply read and shelved, so as to provide you with innovative ideas and strategies to integrate into your teaching. Getting started – a checklist of things to think about. Below are some key...


Innovative technologies in teaching English
We should intensively introduce innovative methods, solutions and tools into the home, including the distance education and online One of the innovative technologies of improving the students’ communicative abilities is using multimedia in the process of teaching and learning in the classroom.


Formation of core competencies in the process of learning schoolchildren
Abstract: essences, structure, functions of process of development of competence of schoolchildren are exposed, planning methods and pedagogical terms are presented. Discloses a general training and skills and their combination provides a reliable basis for further training of pupils cognitive activity, they...


Emerging Innovative Teaching Strategies in Nursing
But all methods are not emerging & innovative teaching methods. Innovations depends on the teacher that how they utilizes the instructional strategies while Use of Multimedia in the Classroom: Multimedia technology as an innovative teaching and learning strategy in a problem-based learning...


Teaching Institutions
the teaching of English and communication skills collaborate with departments and faculties across the university to meet students’ language and communication needs share expertise with ELT practitioners through publications, conferences and academic collaboration.


Methodology And Tools For Developing Hands On Active Learning...
Her research focus is on systematic methods and tools for innovative and efficient conceptual design with particular focus on design-by-analogy. Dr. Eways is very interested in improving student retention, increased student success and better and more efficient ways to teach science.


A Prelude to Practice: Interactive
This method was followed for all other groups in order to keep students involved in the. Conclusion I have tried to demonstrate that exploring alternative ways of teaching can help a teacher to shift from the traditional way of teaching and learning English to an innovative and interactive way.


Advanced Teaching
Advanced Teaching Methods for the. Advanced Teaching Methods for the Technology Classroom is a guide for educa-tion about, through, and for technology. Chapters can be read in any order and used in any combination. The theory emphasis will appeal to some while the practice...


Techniques of teaching | 2.4 METHODS OFTEACHINGMATHEMATICS
Basic Principles of Methods of Teaching Mathematics. The teaching and learningof mathematics have always been a major concern in education. Various commissions and committees have laid great emphasis on raising the quality of instruction in mathematics.