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Education Innovation and Research
Innovating Education and Educating for Innovation. The power of digital technologies Gaps in the digital skills of both teachers and students, difficulties in locating high-quality digital Technology-based innovations in education reshape the environments in which schools operate.


Innovation strategy for education | School organisation
How much room for innovation leave central and school-based approaches to curriculum decision making? The project will further develop and refine a framework and prototype formative assessment tool for 21st century skills. The team will work with higher education institutions, schools and experts...


Programme on Innovation, Higher Education and
based on higher schools’ resources. Institutional supporting and operational conditions. Funding and evaluation mechanisms. · Development of higher schools and improving their competitive position in the fields of innovation and technology. Infrastructure.


Innovation in Higher
Innovation in Higher Education: Can Colleges Really Change? While higher education is seen as a critical partner for the future of the United States, it is also experiencing a tremendous Those schools in which students failed these standards would lose funding. While the success of No Child Left...


Innovations in Support of High School Improvement
high schools have not systematically and enduringly reformed into successful learning environments for most of their students. The point here is not to sweepingly label high personalized learning, they are nonetheless still incomplete in terms of conveying Maine's full strategy for high school change.


Richmond Regional School for Innovation
Superintendents and high-level administrators from Virginia Superintendent’s Region I school districts collaborated to develop a regional response to the High School Program Innovation Planning grant. In the attached proposal, Region I presents a plan to create an innovative hybrid high school that...


Curriculum innovation in schools
7. In the high-performing schools, staff were often concerned that innovation might cause a short-term fall in examination and test results because new structures and ways of working would take time to have an effect. There was a similar concern in the less successful schools about short-term impact...


Demand for high-quality options such as these schools is high, with...
Despite these high-performing examples, and despite the high levels of demand for charter schools, there is inconsistent quality in the charter sector, a result of both a In a study of autonomous high schools known as “innovation” schools in Baltimore, after controlling for student demographics and...


Key Trends Accelerating Technology Adoption in Higher Education 6
Important Developments in Educational Technology for Higher Education 34. The experts agreed on two long-term trends: advancing learning environments that are flexible and drive innovation, as well as increasing the collaboration that takes place between higher education institutions.


Schools as
Schools as Centers of Community: A Citizen’s Guide for Planning and Design Second edition. The publication sponsors extend their appreciation to Steven Bingler for his extensive help in revising and updating this second edition of Schools as Centers of Community.