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Strong - Greek Dictionary of NT
Greek dictionary of nt. Alpha. Strongs numbers 1 - 99. The ages digital library. Reference. Greek dictionary of the new testament.


Dictionaries of Hebrew and Greek Words
See Greek for 18 See Greek-- 4160. 18 agathos {ag-ath-os'} a primary word; "good" (in any sense See Greek-- 18 20 agalliasis {ag-al-lee'-as-is} from 21; exultation; specially, welcome:--gladness...


Hiligaynon (Ilongo) - English
appears ( it seems) as ( looks like, seems) like ( seems) looks like diksonaryo dictionary. Greek. gripo. faucet spigot tap ( faucet).


The Meaning of “Komao” or “Have Long Hair”
Strong’s Expanded Dictionary of Bible Words, which is the most complete, accurate, and up-to-date Greek dictionary available, and is cross-referenced to the leading lexical works: Brown-Driver-Briggs...


This lists contains the 1193 different words which make up 80% of the...
The 80% List in Greek: As students of ancient Greek know, some Greek words can appear in multiple forms. Did the Greeks have a memory vastly superior to speakers of other languages?


English – neo patwa dictionary
English – neo patwa dictionary. 0 (Zero), none, empty. English Lingua Franca Greek Javanese Swahili Compound (leg neck) Hausa Japanese Compound English Mandarin Swahili...


Greek Resources
Introduction to Attic Greek (Donald Mastronarde) Greek: An Intensive Course (Hansen and Quinn). Another online resource (Ancient Greek Dictionary) which includes several links to further resources...


Greek Words for Worship
Adoration: Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary7F. 1. To worship or honor as a deity or as The following table lists Greek words associated with worship and bowing in the New Testament.


Kwéyòl Dictionary
This dictionary is published by the Ministry of Education of St. Lucia to meet the need for an authoritative, affordable reference guide on Creole. The research for this dictionary was done by the...


Aristotle university of thessaloniki | of Modern Greek Language
The Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and the Centre for the Greek Language organize the 2nd Young people who have attended school within a Greek-speaking education system in Greece or...