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A systematic review: Is Aedes albopictus an efficient
Gomes, A.; Forattini, O.; Kakitani, I.; Marques, G.; Marques, C.; Marucci, D.; Brito, M. Microhabitats de Aedes albopictus (Skuse) na região do Vale do Paraíba, Estado de São Paulo, Brasil.


Data sets derived from the literature survey
171. Cabral OMR, Gash JHC, Rocha HR, Marsden C, Ligo MaV, Freitas HC, Tatsch JD, Gomes E . (2011) Fluxes of CO2 above a plantation of Eucalyptus in southeast Brazil.


Activity Against Bladder Cancer Cells of Novel
Synthesis, Characterization and Photodynamic Activity Against Bladder Cancer Cells of Novel Triazole-Porphyrin Derivatives. Ana T. P. C. Gomes 1,*, Rosa Fernandes 2,3,*, Carlos F. Ribeiro 2,3, João P...


The origin of neptune’s unusual satellites from a planetary encounter
2014; Gomes et al. 2018), the planets’ exact heliocentric orbits are irrelevant for the satellites’ evolution during the brief encounter. Fur-thermore, this encounter need not be the last one and.


Structural Transition and the Electronic/Magnetic Properties of Oxidized
[50] K. K. Gomes, W. Mar, W. Ko, F. Guinea, and M. Har C, Nature 483, 306 (2012). [51] C. Mera Acosta, Matheus P. Lima, R. H. Miwa, Antoˆnio J. R. da Silva, and A. Fazzio, Phys. Rev.


TXS 2116 077: A Gamma-ray Emitting Relativistic Jet Hosted in...
Gomes, J. M. 2005, MNRAS, 358, 363, doi: 10.1111/j.1365-2966.2005.08752.x Cortijo-Ferrero, C., Gonza´lez Delgado, R. M., P´erez, E., et al.


...Prof Jonathan Ross (Birmingham City University), Prof Arne Vikström (Karolinska Institute), Prof Chris Meijer (University Medical Centre of Amsterdam), Andrew Amato, Helena de Carvalho Gomes...


Ipog COVID-19 survey report
...Dr. Luis Gomes Lopez • Hospital Luis Ortega • Hospital Vargas de Caracas • Instituto Auditivo Gomes De Arvalho Pinto Rebecca Maunsell Remi Marianowski Riaz Seedat Ricardo Antonio De...


ФГБОУ ВО Московский государственный медико...
27. Pereira LS, Müller VT, Gomes M, et al.


Journal of the Air & Waste Management Association
32 A. ROBICHAUD. Gomes, A. R., C. Justino, T. Rocha-Santos, A. C. Freitas, A. C. Duarte, and R. Pereira. 2017. Review of the ecotox-icological effects of emerging contaminants to soil biota.