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DNA stores biological information in sequences of four bases of nucleic acid — adenine roughly 30,000 genes, discrete chunks of DNA that are translated into individual proteins.


POC diagnostic | Rapid PCR amplifies target DNA
DNA from the raw specimen is purified. 4. Electrochemically-labelled probe hybridises to Public Health Labs. Global Infectious Diseases Diagnostic Testing by Major Diseases...


...DNA typing relies on the stretches of DNA that tend to differ among different people. as Variable Number of Tandem Repeats or VNTRs, can be isolated from an individual’s DNA.


Automated DNA diagnostics using an ELISA-based...
ABSTRACT DNA diagnostics, the detection of specific DNA sequences, will play an increasingly important role in medicine as the molecular basis of human disease is defined.


Dynamic DNA Strand Displacement Circuits
ucleic acids, the “NA” in DNA and RNA, have long been known to be vitally important. Engineered nucleic acid circuits could also be used to modulate gene expression for...


The Future of DNA Diagnostics
Over the next several years, DNA diagnostics will become more prominent in the management of patient care, and, more importantly, in the practice of predictive and...


The Future of DNA Diagnostics
Secondly, DNA diagnostic technology is in its infancy and should evolve dramatically over the next decade. All rights reserved. M.H. Skolnick / The Future of DNA Diagnostics.


Applications of DNA Microarray in Disease Diagnostics
Diagnostic DNA microarrays have been used for genotyping and determination of disease-relevant genes or agents causing diseases, mutation analysis, screening of single...


DNA / RNA Extraction
High purity DNA/RNA clean-up, manual column based or automated magnetic bead Optimized Combination of Extraction Kit and PCR Assay BIOTECON Diagnostics has...


Biochip Platforms for DNA Diagnostics. a report by Anthony Guiseppi-Elie Director, Center for Bioelectronics, Biosensors and Biochips, Virginia Commonwealth University.