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States of Matter Activities
The particles are packed close together. The particles have a lot of movement energy. Now in your group write a paragraph about the three states of matter. You can use the The simplest particle that all matter is made. A substance made up from only one kind of...


Interaction of particles with matter
interact with matter before decaying. Note that due to γ-factor, the distance particles can travel before decaying will depend on their energy. We will use 100 GeV as a benchmark energy (particles of higher energy hardly ever produced even at Tevatron, the most...


Interactions of Particles with Matter
Interactions of Charged Particles with Matter. 9 Of all possible interactions, only electromagnetic one is generally used for detection. 9 If a charged particle traverses a layer of material, three processes can occur [1] Energy Loss of Charged Particles. Interactions of Particles with Matter.


The Physics of Particle Detectors
Interaction of particles and γ-radiation with matter. Different type of interactions for charged and neutral particles Difference Characteristic for interactions of photons with matter: A photon is removed from the beam after one single interaction either because of...


The Physics of Particle Detectors
• Interaction of Particles with Matter. Combined with the invention of fast photography, one could record particle tracks in the cloud chamber è discoveries via imaging. The ionization of the particle, and its behaviour in passing through the foil the same as those...


Interaction of radiation with matter
Charged particles, such as electrons, protons and alpha particles, interact with matter electromagnetically or through one of the two kinds of nuclear interactions, the weak interaction or the strong interaction. The electromagnetic interaction involving collisions...


Particle model | The three states of matter
Particles are not static, they all have some kinetic (movement) energy. One of the key differences between the states of matter (solid, liquid or gas) is Complete this task to show that you understand the differences between the three states of matter. Consider these everyday examples, which can be...


Interaction of Charged
• A charged particle (alpha or beta particle) exerts sufficient force of attraction or repulsion to completely remove one or more electrons from an atom. • The energy imparted to the electron must exceed the binding energy of the electron. • Ionization is most likely to involve atoms near the charged...


Session 2 | Activity Two: Continuous versus Particulate (20 minutes)
Activity Three: Drawing Particles (20 minutes). 1. With a partner, draw pictures of what you would see if you examined both the tiniest piece of aluminum foil In the last two sessions, you’ve seen several children discuss their ideas about particles. Even though the particle model of matter is sometimes...


States of Matter and the Particle Model
Activities: Materials: This activity is an extension of Section 6.1 – States of matter – in the CDC syllabus. After completing the activity, students should be able to: Ÿ state that all matter is made up of particles; Ÿ compare the differences in the arrangement of particles in solids, liquids and gases...