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My Entrepreneurial Style Report
My Entrepreneurial Style. Strategists naturally blend their strong drive to reach key goals with sound knowledge, high quality processes and quality control standards. There are 10 Unique Styles.


Eu skills panorama 2014 | What are entrepreneurial skills?
• Nevertheless, entrepreneurial skills are identified as an EU priority because of their impact on. What are entrepreneurial skills? Entrepreneurship is ‘an individual’s ability to turn ideas into action.


Entrepreneurial Skills and Characteristics Analysis
Entrepreneurial education has rapidly developed in the last decade and continues to expand Entrepreneurial education itself refers to ac-tivities intended to develop people who want to try or...


Entrepreneurial Competencies as an Entrepreneurial Distinctive: An...
Citation LI, Xiang. Entrepreneurial Competencies as an Entrepreneurial Distinctive: An Examination of the Competency Approach in Defining Entrepreneurs. (2009). Dissertations and Theses Collection...


Entrepreneurial orientation: role of parenting
Three parenting styles viz. authoritarian parenting, authoritative parenting and permissive parenting have been taken for analyzing their effect on entrepreneurial orientation.


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It is not only inborn personality traits that are important but also styles and behaviors that a person learns. Strong autocratic leaders set their goals without considering the opinions of their followers, and...


Ordinances Governing COC of UGC and Course Structure 2011-12...
Management Principles and Values Basics of Microfinance Managerial Economics Business Studies and Communication Minor Project/ Entrepreneurial Lab Semester II Business Environment and...


Determinants of Students’ Entrepreneurial Career Intentions
Out of the entrepreneurial traits, Innovativeness is considered to be one of the core traits of entrepreneurs and is widely discussed by researchers. Data was collected from the sample of 276...


Entrepreneurial orientation and small business performance
The strategy and entrepreneurship literatures suggest that an entrepreneurial orientation (EO) improves firm performance, but the empirical results are mixed. In this article, we investigate the EO of...


Entrepreneurial Strategy Orientation
Entrepreneurial Strategy Orientation. Henri Hakala. Abstract—The paper explores the concept of The proposed multidimensional dynamic capability, entrepreneurial strategy orientation, provides the...