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Eu skills panorama 2014 | What are entrepreneurial skills?
• Entrepreneurial skills combine a range of technical, management and personal skills. What are entrepreneurial skills? Entrepreneurship is ‘an individual’s ability to turn ideas into action.


Entrepreneurial skills and growth of
Munich Personal RePEc Archive. Entrepreneurial skills and growth of Small and Medium Enterprise (SMEs): A comparative analysis of Nigerian entrepreneurs and Minority entrepreneurs in the UK.


Entrepreneurial Skills in Digital Age
Entrepreneurial spirit is characterized by innovation and risk-taking, and is an essential part of a nation's ability to succeed in an ever changing and increasingly competitive global marketplace.


Entrepreneurial Skill Needs of Secretarial
Entrepreneurial Education, Skill, Secretarial Education, Self Sustainability. Entrepreneurial skills are those activity skills that will enable an entrepreneur to manage his own enterprise.


A Survey of the University Students in Xi’an China
Entrepreneurial Intentions and Its Influencing Factors: A Survey of the University Students in Xi’an Entrepreneurial Environment (EE)The results of principal component factor analysis show that the...


Understanding and Acquisition of Entrepreneurial Skills: A
Keywords: Understanding Entrepreneurial Skills; Acquisition of Entrepreneurial Skills; Pedagogical Re-Orientation for Science Teachers. INTRODUCTION. Skill as basic ability is the means by which...


Entrepreneurship skills training
Entrepreneurial skills. 3. Require collaboration with others in a team. ii. The National Vocational Training Institute curriculum and course, specification in Entrepreneurship is designed to meet the...


Entrepreneurial skills training
Entrepreneurial skills training provide the basics of starting and operating a small business. a. Such training must develop the skills associated with entrepreneurship.


Disclaimer | 1.5 Entrepreneurial competencies
People need entrepreneurial skills and abilities to thrive in an ever-changing world. Growing organizations create more jobs. Organizational renewal is fundamental to every.


Entrepreneurship Skills for Growth-Orientated Businesses
• Entrepreneurial Skills - which involve recognizing economic opportunities and acting effectively on In examining the key skills required of entrepreneurs, O’Hara (2011) identified a number of key...