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The inuence of leadership behavior and organizational
In step 1, transformational leadership behavior and organizational commitment explained a signicant amount of variance in This study showed leadership behavior (transformational and transactional) predicted organizational readiness for change.


Organizational Behavior
The study of Organizational behavior in these organizations is very interesting and challenging too. OB covers the core topics of motivation, leadership behavior and power, interpersonal communication, group structure and process, learning, attitude...


Organizational citizenship
Organizational citizensh ip behavior 13. K eyw or ds Organizational culture, Organizational behaviour, Leadership, T rust, Case studies. A bstr ac t T he case will test two hypotheses regarding three variables in uencing the level of employee...


Organizational deviance and multi-factor leadership
Organizational deviant behaviors can be defined as behaviors that have deviated from standards and uncongenial to organization's expectations. Key words: Organizational deviance, multi-factor leadership, education. INTRODUCTION.


Leadership behavior and subordinate effectiveness of
In an organization, organizational citizenship behavior (also named as extra-role performance) is regarded as a considerably The loyalty on paternalistic leadership and organizational citizenship behaviors (OCB). Table 2 shows all regression analysis...


Role of leadership and organizational behaviour in...
Currently, leadership and organizational citizenship behaviours are the most significant actors in management of organizations. Leadership and organizational citizenship behaviours play a critical role in establishment of efficient management.


Organizational Behavior and | Leadership Traits: USA View
Organizational Behavior and Organizational Change Leadership & Power. Roger N. Nagel Senior Fellow & Wagner Professor. Transactional Leaders Leaders who guide or motivate their followers in the direction of established goals by clarifying role and task...


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Organizational behavior reflects the behavior of the people and management all together, it is considered as field study not The root level of this model is leadership with a managerial orientation of support. The employees in this model are oriented towards...


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Organizational behavior is the study of both group and individual performance and action within an enterprise. It determines its effect on job structure, performance, communication, motivation, leadership, decision making abilities etc.


Leadership Behavior and Organizational
Leadership Behavior and Organizational Climate: An Empirical Study in a Non-profit Organization. organizations are responsible for their staff, customers, Board of Directors, multiple funding sources, and to their own particular clients and projects...