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Google Docs supports many of the features of stand-alone word processing and spreadsheet programs, including the ability to add images, tables, and more. To get started with Google Docs...


Google Docs
Google Docs: Share and collaborate. Once you've created your document, share it with others! Collaborators can then edit the same document at the same time -- you'll always have the most...


Microsoft Word - Google Docs Lesson 1.doc
These are your key to accessing Google Docs. Before you get started, here are two important points Please note: Students must be 13 or over to use Google Docs, in compliance with Google's Terms of...


Microsoft Word - HOWTO use google docs.doc
4) If you do not have a google account simply click on Create a new Google Account The process is pretty simple! 5) Once you have logged in, note the Google docs: We'll cover individual topics below.


Google Docs Handout Easy-To-Use Online Tool. Carol LaRow. Working With Google Docs: • Sign into your Google account • Directions for creating a Google account are available on another handout...


Microsoft Word - APAstyle.doc
Microsoft Word - APAstyle.doc


Microsoft PowerPoint - Doc Exchange External User Guide v2.pptx
Doc Exchange. Getting Started: External User Guide. Doc Exchange, the external file sharing tool at Cisco, is available for securely sharing and exchanging files with our customers and partners.


Tutorial - Collecting Data using Google Docs Forms
Through Google Docs, you can easily create a questionnaire or survey, and then invite others to respond. All responses are as-sembled automatically into a Google Docs spreadsheet, which you can...


DOC Terminology and
DOC Terminology and Acronyms. Adult Basic Education A term referring to a person on community 1. DOC Terminology and Acronyms. CO Correctional Officer Community Supervision An offender’s...


QMS Tier 2
Subject: Document Control. Doc.: ATS-DCP-1001 Rev.: A Date: 03 November 2014 Released By: Kristal Jewell Page: 1 of 7. QMS Tier 2 QMS - Procedure. Subject: Document Control. Doc.