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Teachers Matter | Developing teachers’ knowledge and skills
teach in other types of schools or take on high-demand subject areas. Ø Develop close relationships with schools, teacher employers and the teaching profession. Ø Focus research activities within the teacher education system on the issues facing schools and teachers.


Successful professional development needs to place teachers’ and students’ needs at the heart of Despite the priority given to developing English language skills in education reform projects, the English language teachers: the reality. Quality of teaching is the single most important factor which...


Helping teachers get the best from their students
Our teacher development offer continues to respond to changing contexts and the opportunities offered by new technologies. “The Cambridge English Teaching Framework has been extremely useful in helping us develop and align our online professional development courses for teachers.


Handbook for teachers
TKT (Teaching Knowledge Test) is developed by Cambridge English Language Assessment, a not-for-profit department of the University of Cambridge. knowledge • teachers who are moving to teaching English after teaching. another subject.


Developing Teacher Course
We launched our Developing Teacher course with Spanish in 2011 and it has become so popular that since then other schools have also chosen to create their own version. Our tutors have a wide range of experience; from teaching adults to teens and young learners, business English to Cambridge exam...


Sutton Trust Report on Teacher Development
Behaviours exhibited by teachers include reflecting on and developing professional practice, participation in professional development, supporting colleagues, and liaising and communicating with parents. What are the least valid teaching practices?


Developing teacher competences: the current situation in Europe
Putting teacher competences into words. Implementation. 5 Helping teachers to acquire and develop professional competences throughout their 8 The roles of teachers and schools are changing, and so are expectations about them: teachers are asked to teach in increasingly multicultural classrooms...


Supporting Teacher Educators
Teacher educators guide teaching staff at all stages in their careers, model good practice, and undertake the key research that develops our Europe’s six million serving teachers. They are present at every stage of the teacher’s career. They teach teachers how to teach, and facilitate and...


Entrepreneurship Education: A Guide for Educators
The entrepreneurial teacher. Entrepreneurial teachers have a passion for teaching. They are inspirational, open-minded and confident, flexible xx Entrepreneurial teacher training programmes help student teachers to develop their own mission in teaching and their own ‘portfolio’: As an...


Teach | Educational Change and Development Series
Day, Christopher Developing Teachers: The Challenges of Lifelong Learning. Educational Change and Development Series. To the many children, young people, and teachers whom I have taught and from whom I have learned over the years. To Alison, Simon and Tim for allowing me the space to write.