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Distance Learning | Preparing and supporting your staff
Exploring distance learning pedagogies. Getting to know Google for Education. Creating a distance learning culture. Common questions education leaders may ask as they develop this Google for Education is a solution built for learning and designed for the classroom that is easy to...


Designing Modules for Learning | Learner Support
Supporting your Learners In designing modules consideration should be given to the type of learner support which will be required for the achievement of the learning outcomes. There are administrative issues around module design: scheduling of teachers, students, teaching activities...


Distance teaching english for specific purposes
Therefore, distance learning in view of Internet resources is a fundamental means of realising these tasks. At present, such form of education is most Unique didactic facilities of the Internet allow its effective use in distance learning. Having realised educational opportunities of global information...


Microsoft Word - EDULEARN 15-Malyuga-Ponomarenko-Final...
Interactive learning, module structuring of the educational resources, creating individual educational plan and students’ work confidentiality extend the lecturers There is constant integration of internet resources into independent learning activities in teaching profession-oriented foreign language.


Microsoft Word - Intro to Online Teaching and Learning v.05.doc
Online learning is education that takes place over the Internet. Distance learning has a long history and there are several types available today, including Schedule Announcements Syllabus Modules Assignments Discussion Board Private Messages Chat Tests & Quizzes Gradebook.


The problems of distance learning education while
The article deals with some problems of distance learning education while teaching foreign languages at the non-linguistic higher - computers and the Internet; - radio and television; - communication of teachers and students [13]. The First International Conference on Distance Education in Russia.


Foundations of Distance Education
Teaching and Learning at a Distance. Foundations of Distance Education. Teaching and Learning at a Distance is unique in its broad coverage of the various technologies that can be used for the delivery of distance education from correspondence study to online, internet-based learning.


Distance Education for Teacher
Distance education, or distance learning, has long been a major form of professional How do they or might they support teacher learning? This guide examines in depth both Finally, developing distance learning systems is a means to an end: upgrading the knowledge and skills of teachers.


If distance education is already applied in your setting, write a short essay to describe how you might change the Module 1 The Concept of Distance Education, Its Evolution, and the Role of Information and Instead the Web and the Internet might be complemented by other multimedia such as print...


Engineering of Learning: Conceptualizing e-Didactics
The analysis, modeling and designing of distance learning courses convinced the author that content and didactical knowledge are necessary but In addition to teaching online, the author’s enthusiasm about the efficiency of didactical engineering was supported by working with mathematics teachers in...