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Global Project on Cybercrime
Cybercrime strategies. Alexander Seger. Project funded by Romania, United Kingdom, Microsoft Discussions continued at the Octopus Conference on Cooperation against Cybercrime (Strasbourg...


Cybercrime Legislation in Sri Lanka
Nature of Cyber threats and Recent challenges in Sri Lanka. “Cybercrime”. “Multi-National Nature, Tracing e-Evidence – Where was the offence committed”.


Global Project on Cybercrime
Global Project on Cybercrime (Phase 2) 1 March 2009 – 31 December 2011 Final project report. Prepared by the Data Protection and Cybercrime Division Information Society and Action against...


Cybercrime Attribution
Cybercrime Attribution: An Eastern European Case Study. Stephen McCombie1 Josef Pieprzyk2 Paul Watters3. Phishing and related cybercrime is responsible for billions of dollars in losses annually.


Cybercrime: from fiction to reality. Introduction. Since the late 1980s digitalisation in communication and information technology has triggered significant social and economic changes worldwide.


Identifying and handling cybercrime traces
European Union Agency for Network and Information Security. www.enisa.europa.eu. Identifying and handling cybercrime traces. Handbook, Document for trainers September 2013.


Cybercrime dependencies map
CRIME-AS-A-SERVICE. Cybercrime covers a myriad of crimes, each of which often requires specialist skills, knowledge or tools. As such, few if any individuals can efficiently carry out a wide range of...


The nature of the problem
A National Plan to Combat Cybercrime Key initiative: The Australian Cybercrime Online Reporting Network Key priority—Partnering with industry to tackle the shared problem of cybercrime


Cyber crimes faqs
Cybercrimes against persons, Cybercrimes against property, and Cybercrimes against Government. 5. Is Cyber harassment also a Cybercrime?


Project on Cybercrime
Cybercrime training for judges and prosecutors: a concept. Project funded by contributions from Romania, Microsoft and McAfee and by the Council of Europe.