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Langlands Correspondence for Loop Groups Edward Frenkel. The Riemann–Hilbert correspondence allows us to associate to any holonomic Ᏸ-module on X a complex of constructible...


Module covers and the Green correspondence
Keywords: Green correspondence, block induction, Brauer map, block covers, module covers. 2000 MSC: 20C20. 1. Introduction. It is well-known that the Green correspondence can be expressed as...


The Correspondence pages provide a cost-effective and easy to use method to build custom documents that draw information from the system’s database without additional programming.


Oracle® Communications
Transcoding Modules installed in a Oracle Enterprise Session Border Controller • Capacity scales linearly with each extra transcoding module installed. Codec Policy Definition.


CTD Module 1
Module 1.0 Correspondence Module 1.0.1 Cover letter Module 1.0.2 Lifecycle management tracking table Module 1.0.3 Response to request for information. Module 1.1 Comprehensive table of contents.


eCTD AU module 1 and regional information: Specification and...
Module 1 administrative and prescribing information. Business Terminology Correspondence Cover letter Lifecycle management tracking table Response to Request for Information.


backbone files spec module 1
) Other Correspondence Regarding Pediatric Exclusivity or Study Plans. End Pediatric 0. Dispute Resolution. ) Multiple Module Information Amendments. End Modules 0. Other Correspondence.


Module 1 Specifications
II. Start of the module 1 ectd backbone file VI. Section heading elements for module 1 Report Original Correspondence. material to augment information previously submitted.


Learning Correspondence Structures for Person
an evaluation module is further included to decide whether to accept the new candidate correspondence structure {P˜ikj}. Specically, we use {P˜ikj} to calculate the Re-ID result on the...


Universal Correspondence Network
The Universal Correspondence Network accurately and efciently learns a metric space for geometric correspondences, dense trajectories or semantic correspondences.