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EML9366 is designed with high efficiency step down DC/DC converter for portable devices applications. It features with extreme low quiescent current with no load which is the best fit for extending battery...


The SD9366-EH/EHL is the PTZ surveillance camera with IR Illumination to utilize H.265 compression technology. When combined with VIVOTEK's Smart Stream II technology users can obtain bandwidth...


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VIVOTEK's H.265 speed dome network cameras are outdoor-ready high resolution PTZ domes. These next-generation cameras are equipped with high-performance H.265/H.264/MJPEG compression...


High Resolution CRT Applications Electrical Characteristics of the CR2424 and CR2425 CRT Driver Hybrid… Interfacing the MC68HC705J1A to 9356/9366 EEPROMs Interfacing the HC05 MCU to a...


General Oversampling of MSP ADCs for Higher Resolution
There are times, however, when a customer design demands a higher resolution than the ADC of the selected MSP can offer. This application report, which is based on the previously-published...


LMx58-N Low-Power, Dual-Operational Amplifiers
LMx58-N Low-Power, Dual-Operational Amplifiers


Performance Audio Operational Amplifiers
The closed-loop gain is unchanged, but the feedback available for error correction is reduced by a factor of 101, thus extending the resolution by 101. The input signal and load applied to the operational...


...post-exposure treatment; • Energy-dependence: minimal response difference from 100keV into the MV range; • Near tissue equivalent; • High spatial resolution – can resolve.


Ambiguity Resolution Technique for
GPS carrier phase integer ambiguity resolution is still the key issue and challenge for high accuracy RTK survey and navigation. Due to speed and memory limitations of OEM GPS receiver boards...


Spatial Resolution Enhancement of Low-Resolution
Super-resolution restoration from a still image is a well recognized example of an ill-posed in-verse problem. Such problems may be approached using regularization methods which constrain the...