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Strategic Plan for Amherst College
Many people have contributed to the development of this strategic plan and we thank them for giving so They require freedom of inquiry, scholarly integ-. 5 | Strategic Plan for Amherst College.


9 | Strategic Plan for Amherst College | Draft
Involving our alumni more fully in the life of the College. 7 | Strategic Plan for Amherst College The College is making significant investments in the Office of Student Affairs—in people, systems, policies...


College | exploration and planning
Notably, the College released its five-year Strategic Plan, which underscored several opportunities for the Career Center to serve broader institutional mandates—in particular its role in engaging alumni to...


Strategic Plan 2015-2020 | Portland Community College
Strategic Plan 2015-2020. We live in a new world rich in both challenges and opportunities. In 2013 Portland Community College embarked on a strategic planning process.


Strategic Planning Process and Steering Committee members...
The Strategic Plan Steering Committee was com-posed of faculty, undergraduate and graduate For ongoing updates to the College’s Strategic Plan 2018–23, visit baruch.cuny.edu/strategicplan.


Strategic Plan | College-based Reporting and Assessment Tools
he 2011-2016 Strategic Plan for Brooklyn College reflects our common vision for the future. In it we have reaffirmed our commitment to the values that define Brooklyn College and articulated the goals...


Table of contents | Process of the Development of the Strategic Plan
The Brooklyn College Strategic Plan 2018–2023 has five major goals, 21 subgoals, 85 strategic actions, and 510 benchmarks and outcomes for us to pursue over the next five years.


Berkeley City College Strategic Marketing Plan
The Strategic Marketing plan aligns with the BCC Strategic Plan and the Strategic Goals of the College to create campaigns, target audiences, and emphasize the BCC mission.


understanding of the College’s Strategic Plan, annual goals, and their role in delivering the plan. The strategic goals of the College will require investment of time, energy, and resources.


Strategic Plan 2013-2018 | ABOUT SOUTH TEXAS COLLEGE
The South Texas College Strategic Plan is a five-year plan. During the first two years of the plan, the first institutional effectiveness cycle is underway. The next two years see another IE cycle to completion.