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UNION SELECT NULL,NULL,NULL-- etc. If the number of nulls does not match the number of columns, the database returns an error, such as: All queries .... UNION ALL SELECT NULL, *, NULL, NULL FROM email ...


064-29: Creating Efficient SQL - Union Join without the Union Clause
select aNumCol from a UNION select aCharCol from b. Alot more subtle and, worse yet, platform specific is the issue of database performance. Since each member of a UNION clause is itself a fully formed, stand alone fullselect statement, database implementations execute each member...


Microsoft Word - mysql-set-operators.doc | Union
Union, Difference, Intersection, and Division in MySQL Instructor: Artem Chebotko. -- does not work; SELECT DISTINCT c1.y AS y FROM c c1 WHERE NOT EXISTS. (SELECT d.x FROM d LEFT OUTER JOIN c c2 USING (x) WHERE c2.y = c1.y AND c2.x IS NULL )


Nulls Make Things Easier?
SELECT NULL < NULL + 1; ?column? -(null). NULL represents unknown, not applicable, or unassigned. It has no data type, so comparing it to xed values always returns NULL. WITH ordertest AS ( SELECT NULL UNION ALL SELECT 2 UNION ALL SELECT 1 UNION ALL SELECT NULL.


Unlocking the Postgres Lock Manager
WHEN virtualxid IS NOT NULL AND transactionid IS NOT NULL THEN virtualxid || ’ ’ || transactionid WHEN virtualxid::text IS NOT NULL THEN virtualxid ELSE transactionid::text END AS xid_lock, relname, page, tuple, classid, objid, objsubid FROM pg_locks LEFT OUTER JOIN pg_class ON...


Egitim-Introduction to Oracle 9i SQL Student Guide Vol2.pdf
SELECT last_name,department_id,TO_CHAR(null) FROM employees UNION SELECT TO_CHAR(null),department_id,department_name FROM departments Whenever NULL values are likely to be part of the value set, do not use NOT IN as a substitute for NOT EXISTS.


Handling Missing Values in the SQL Procedure
IS [NOT] NULL and IS [NOT] MISSING predicates are two predicates especially designed to deal with missing values. IS [NOT] NULL is a SQL standard predicate and IS [NOT] MISSING is SAS SQL predicate. They are generic because they can handle both numeric and character variables.


LNP, operators lookup and mimport
The Mizu VoIP server number portability module can be used to alter the routing if the number is ported to another operator (MNP/LNP). This documentation described the Mexico specific operator and LNP lookup process implemented by the Mizu VoIP server, developed for TV Rey de Occidente S.A. de C.V.


Mizu Softswitch Administrator’s Guide
The database contains ALL the data used by the Mizu server including user details and CDR records so a special care has to be taken to protect your database. With a regular SQL install using a strong password you are already secure by default without any special action to be taken.


Paying for college: Strategies to afford higher education today
Strategies described in this article focus primarily on attendance at 4-year colleges and universities. However, the information is broadly applicable to different levels of higher education. Target-date funds select investments based on when a student is expected to go to college; index funds choose...