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UNION ALL SELECT NULL, *, NULL, NULL FROM email ... Use of an unqualified * with other items in the select list may produce a parse error. ... select NULL, email.*, NULL, NULL from email ... the tables when only using one table and selecting literals in addition...


064-29: Creating Efficient SQL - Union Join without the Union...
data _null_; merge a b; by key; run; KEY ACOL BCOL p one six q two seven r three eight. The row-wise join returns a single select aNumCol from a UNION select aCharCol from b. Alot more subtle and, worse yet, platform specific is the issue of database performance.


slide.dvi | select customer-name from customer
Above statement ignores null amounts; result is null if there is. & no non-null amount. • All aggregate operations except count(*) ignore tuples with null values on the aggregated customer-name. Jones Smith null Hayes. • Find all customers who have either an account or a loan (but not both) at the bank.


SQL Injection
1234' and account=NULL; -- For mysql, there must be white space after --. You are identified as name userid. 1234' or 1=1 union select null from balances; -- The used SELECT statements have a different number of columns.


Type: UNION query Title: MySQL UNION query (NULL) - 2 columns...
SELECT * FROM users WHERE username = 'joe' AND password = 'example' OR 'a'='a'; The "OR 'a'='a' clause always evaluates to true and the intended [11:52:33] [INFO] testing 'MySQL UNION query (NULL) - 1 to 10 columns' [11:52:34] [INFO] target url appears to be UNION injectable with 4 columns...


Rela7onal Model (Chapter 2) | Null value
Careful with NULLs: select name from instructor where salary < 100000 or salary >= 100000; Wouldn’t return the instructor with NULL salary (if any). Suppose a tuple occurs m times in r and n times in s, then, it occurs: ● m + n times in r union all s ● min(m,n)...


Instructor: Amol Deshpande
◦ Nulls ◦ Updates ◦ Views ◦ Integrity Constraints ◦ Transac8ons ◦ Triggers. } Provide a mechanism to hide certain data from the view of create view all-customers as (select branch-name, customer-name from depositor, account where depositor.account-number...


Chapter 3 Pointer Subterfuge
Using NULL bytes. l If intrusion detection or WA firewalls are used – written in native code like C, C++. l One can use NULL byte attack. %00’ UNION SELECT password FROM tblUsers WHERE username=‘admin’--. URL Encoding for NULL.


Microsoft Word - Blindfolded SQL Injection - Final.doc
This type of NULL injection serves two purposes. The main purpose is to get a working UNION statement that has no errors. Although this UNION still does not retrieve any real data, it provides an indication that the statement indeed works.


Key Type Null/ Unique FK Ref Table. The UNION SET Operator The UNION operator returns all rows selected by either query. Use the UNION operator to return all rows from multiple tables and eliminate any duplicate rows.