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christmas WORD SEARCH PUZZLE. Find and circle the words in the word search puzzle and number the pictures.


Christmas Words
Christmas Words wreath. candy cane. gingerbread. Christmas Picture-Word Cards. Christmas Picture-Word Cards. ©PreKinders.com. reindeer snowman. Clipart by


Christmas Word Cards (small set) Copyright © PreKinders.c
Christmas Word Cards (small set). Copyright © PreKinders.com.


Christmas word search
Christmas word search. Find and circle the words. candles. SESCL PE. Christmas. L Itl eus n e nma smjw. tree.


ChristmasWord Problems | Merry Christmas from Math-Drills.Com
On Christmas Day, he received 132 more presents and he gave away 128 presents. 7. For the Christmas dance, the dance committee needs three hours of music. Each song is an average of 3.5...


Find | Christmas Word Search No. 10
With vocabulary from Super Simple Songs - Christmas. Find the words. Circle. (across, down, or diagonal). h o l i d aye n j t k j ymnwk u e i r y t c wu t i em i e r s n owb a l l h p r q r z g l ahgowj gd f...


Christmas word search
Christmas word search. Find the words listed below and circle them. Keep this word search when you have finished it, you will need some of these words for your work before Christmas.


Name: Christmas Find words that are forward, up and do
Name: Christmas. Find words that are forward, up and down. No diagonal or backwards words. Period: 1. LIGHTS.


Christmas Word Problems
Solve the word problems below. Show your work in the space to the right. 1. Katie and her brother 4. Gabrielle, Robert, and Tyler each bake 36 Christmas cookies. How many Christmas cookies do they...


Christmas Words
Spelling: Christmas Words. Unscramble the spelling words.