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Career Development Seminar Overview: Product Development
The career development seminar this month focused on careers in project and product development. The panel included specialists from both industrial and academic backgrounds who...


Career Development Seminar Overview: Grants Administration
This career development seminar was focused on careers in grants administration. These careers involved the development of grant requests for application (creating grant announcements designed...


Career Development Seminar Overview: Technology Transfer
The Career Development seminar this month focused on careers in technology transfer. The panel included specialists from academic, government and non-profit institutions speaking about the paths...


Career Development Seminar Summary- Careers in Scientific Societies
This month’s FelCom Career Development seminar explored careers in professional scientific societies. The seminar consisted of several panelists from a range of societies that focus on issues...


CTSI Career Development Seminar
CTSI Career Development Seminar. Using Social Media to Recruit and Retain Study Participants – the PI’s perspective. CTSI Research Education, Training and Career Development (CTSI-Ed).


Career and Professional Development Attending training/career development seminars/workshops Networking to promote your goals (socializing, emails, etc.)


Career Development Guide | 2
Career Development Guide | 2. Introduction. This document is for engineers at all stages of their career including students, graduates and experienced engineers who may be looking for a change.


January—June | Spring 2020 Career Development Schedule continued
Spring 2020 Career Development Seminar Content. January. Commercial Code Series: Non-Structural This seminar will introduce the plans for the multi-story, mixed-use structure that will serve...


Introductions | OEDM- Fall 2018 Career Development
Office of Education and Data Management Fall 2018 Career Development Seminar.


PowerPoint Presentation
Office of Education and Data Management Fall 2018 Career Development Seminar September 2018. • Newer editions refine and clarify earlier editions. 6. OEDM – Fall 2018 Career Development.