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Business Administration | Course Schedule
Evaluation Procedure. Notes. Course Schedule. Business Administration. This course is an introduction to the tourism industry. It provides students with an understanding of the complex nature of tourism including economic, environmental and social impacts.


Business Administration | Course Schedule
Business Administration. Course Number: Course Title: Credits This course builds upon topics introduced in BUAD 208. It explores tax treatment of complex transactions with respect to various sources of taxable Substitutable Courses: No. Transfer Credit: Special Notes: Originally Developed


Business Administration | Topic Orientation: Introduction to Course
This course covers strategic retail management and orients students to the dynamic and Students in the Marketing option may substitute any other second year Business Administration course. Presentations continue… Course conclusion. Please note that you will not be tested on Chapter 14...


At the end of this course the student will be able: · To understand basic Economy and Business Administration concepts. · To recognize the role of companies in national and world Economy and how they adapt. to different economic situations · To distinguish different areas of expertise in the field...


Business Administration | Required Capstone Core Course
Marketing Concentration Capstone Course (3 units) MKTG 489 Developing Marketing Strategies (3). BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Note: The accounting concentration electives must cover the following areas: Financial Accounting and Theory, Accounting Information Systems, Auditing and...


Articulation AS Degree - Business Administration Course List...
Total Foundation Courses. DeVry University. BS Business Administration - Any Concentration. Business Law Principles of Management Advanced Composition Any HUMN course except HUMN Note: HUMN 432 - Technology, Society and Culture is a capstone accumulative Gen Ed requirement...


Program in Business Administration
NOTE: Business Administration majors shall not be enrolled in any upper division Business Administration course unless they have: 1. Completed all courses in the Lower Division Foundation Core; and 2. Attained junior status (completed at least 60 semester hours of course work counting...


Business Administration Course Structure
Business Administration Course Structure. 100 level- First Semester. Course Title. Credit Units. Core/Elective. BUAD 201 BUAD 203. Elements of Business Administration.


Business administration diploma program, accounting major course
All courses in the Business Administration Diploma Program must be completed within five years of the original start date. Recommended Term Course Name: *please note, courses are listed in the recommended program progression order and term*.


The course provides an introduction to digital business strategy. and the development and architecture of digital business solutions and. their components. Notes: Business Administration minors should see. Crowell School of Business to add the course.