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Course Enrollment Policies: undergraduate Business Administration courses are offered under the Courses numbered ≥300 have restricted enrollment. See Business Administration Course Notes: this MBA foundation course, a prerequisite to all MBA quantitative analysis courses, does not...


Business Administration | Course Schedule
Evaluation Procedure. Notes. Course Schedule. Business Administration. This course is an introduction to the tourism industry. It provides students with an understanding of the complex nature of tourism including economic, environmental and social impacts.


Business Administration | COURSE SCHEDULE
This course is an introduction to the tourism industry. It provides students with an understanding of the complex nature of tourism including economic, environmental and Winter 2006 None None None Yes 3 Second year requirement: Hospitality Management option, Business Administration diploma.


Business Administration | Course Schedule
Business Administration. Course Number: Course Title: Credits This course is a continuation of BUAD 111. Topics include inventory, long-term assets and their depreciation’ bonds and other long-term Special Notes: Credit may be received by passing a challenge exam. Originally Developed


Business Administration Courses
Business Administration Courses. BUAD 1100 Introduction to Business (3 credits) Course provides an overview of the world of business. Included is an introduction to basic business terminology, concepts, and functions featuring an analysis of marketing, finance, production...


Minor in business administration
Minor in business administration. Effective Fall 2014. Recommended Sequencing of Courses. Freshman Year. Senior Year. Either Semester: Two BADM courses. NOTES: · AP/IB/A-level credits may be used to fulfill courses in the “Required Prerequisite Courses” category.


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Marketing Concentration Capstone Course (3 units) MKTG 489 Developing Marketing Strategies (3). BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Note: The accounting concentration electives must cover the following areas: Financial Accounting and Theory, Accounting Information Systems, Auditing and...


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152 / business administration. Course Transfer Credit Non-articulated Courses Courses taken at an AACSB International accredited college of business will Courses in parentheses are prerequisites. Note: Courses requiring a specific prerequisite may be taken only after the prerequisite has been...


Business Administration Minor Elective Courses
The Business Administration Minor is a great supplement to your major, adding. knowledge and skills related to organizational processes and decision The course is not open to business Majors. A limit of 3 hours may be applied to a major or minor. Prerequisites & Notes: BUS 2101 BUS 3010...


Business Administration
Students will be exposed to course work in business intelligence, data mining, statistical methods and best practices for presenting and implementing finds. Note that a cumulative GPA of 3.0 is required for graduation from the Online Hybrid MBA program. 8 Business Administration. COURSES.