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BPF: Tracing and More
Berkeley Packet Filter. # tcpdump host and port 22 -d. Optimizes tcpdump filter performance An in-kernel sandboxed virtual machine. Enhanced BPF.


BPF – in-kernel virtual machine
• bpf+kprobe – dtrace/systemtap like • bpf+syscalls – analytics and monitoring • bpf+tracepoints 3. extended BPF for in-kernel optimizations. • kernel interface is kept unmodified. subsystems use bpf to...


edgewall-LPC | BPF Firewall prototype
BPF Firewall. Deployment @ Facebook. • No per rule stats granularity like in iptables • But we have BPF Firewall. Performance. • iptables has a linearly increasing cpu-util as packets hit lower rules...


BPF, Cilium, bplter
BPF Maintenance: Testing, debugging, documentation. BPF kernel selftests. test verier + test kmod.sh alone run 2,018 test progs Biggest subsystem under kselftests along with RCU-torture Often...


Packet Capture, Filtering and Analysis - Today's Challenges with 20...
BPF (Berkeley Packet Filter) sits between link-level driver and the user space. BPF is protocol independant and use a lter-before-buering approach. (NIT on SunOS is using the opposite approach).


David Beckett
XDP allows packets to be reflected, filtered or redirected without traversing networking stack. ▶ eBPF programs classify/modify traffic and return XDP actions Note: cls_bpf in TC works in same manner.


BPF and XDP Explained
BPF and XDP Explained. Nic Viljoen & Simon Horman DXDD. Due to its upstream safety and kernel support BPF provides a safe, flexible and scalable networking tool.


Extended BPF and Data Plane Extensibility
• BPF - Berkeley Packet Filter • Introduced in Linux in 1997 in kernel version 2.1.75 • Initially used as socket filter by packet capture tool tcpdump (via libpcap). Use Cases: • socket filters...


The Next Generation Firewall for | Berkley Packet Filter (xt_bpf)
• Match packets based Berkley Packet Filter (BPF) filters. # iptables -A OUTPUT -m bpf \ --bytecode "8,40 0 0 12,21 1 0 [...]" -j ACCEPT. • Use tcpdump to generate the bytecode


Berkeley Packet Filters (BPF). • Attach BPF programs to kprobes/uprobes (4.1) and tracepoints (4.7) • Data structures: array, hash (expandable), stack map (4.6) • Output to trace buffer (4.3) and...