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Caution: read this before operating your unit.
This unit is not disconnected from the AC power source as long as it is connected to the wall outlet, even if this unit itself is turned off by . In this state, this unit is designed to consume a very small quantity of power. Warning to reduce the risk of fire or electric shock, do not expose...


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By connecting a portable audio player to the iDatalink input terminal, you can listen to music via the [AUX-IN] source. Perform the following connection before you install the unit.


Source: CHANEL Home Page [13] Source: CHICCA Home Page [14]. 4.1.1. Analysis of CHANEL As seen from the package design, the base package color for. CHANEL Rouge Allure, released in 2006, is CHANEL black, a departure from the conventional packaging for a lipstick.


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Playing back from External Source. You can enjoy the sound from an optional component such as a digital music player through the speakers of this system. Be sure to turn off the power of each component before making any connections.


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Selecting the Sound Source. This system enables you to access two sound sources - AUX and Bluetooth. Press the SOURCE button repeatedly at Soundfreaq Remote App in Bluetooth mode or by connecting AUX audio cable to the unit/pairing a Bluetooth device with the unit simply to enjoy either...


☒ Data is based on maximum power source capability (valid unless firmware/hardware is changed). ☐ Data is based on worst case setting/program (only valid until des tapis assez grands afin d’éviter tout contact physique avec la pièce à couper ou le sol. D Ne pas se servir de source électrique à courant...


Working as hard as you do − every power source from Miller is backed by the most hassle-free warranty in the business. Miller Electric manufactures a full line of welders and welding related equipment. For information on other quality Miller products...


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When the current decreases to zero, the parasitic resonant of inductor and all the parasitic capacitance makes the power MOSFET drain-source voltage decrease, this decreasing is also reflected on the auxiliary winding. The zero-current detector in FB pin generates the turn on signal of the external...


Mitsubishi Electric PEFY-P VMA-E Technical & Service Manual
If leaked refrigerant is exposed to a heat source, such as a fan heater, stove, or electric grill, toxic gases will be gener-ated. Do not try to defeat the safety features of the unit. Forced operation of the pressure switch or the temperature switch by defeating the safety features for these devices, or the...


Offer to Provide Source Code of Certain Software This product contains copyrighted software that is licensed under the General Public License (“GPL”), under the Lesser General Public License Version (“LGPL”) and/or other Free Open Source Software Licenses.