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Aprotinin from Bovine Lung Lyophilized powder Activity: 3-7 TIU/mg solid Starting Aprotinin from Bovine Lung Aseptically filled solution in 0.9% NaCl and 0.9% benzyl...


HTLV-I and -II, and the agent causing Creutzfeldt-Ja
Aprotinin is usually well tolerated. Local thrombophlebitis can occur. Aprotinin-specific serum-IgG was reported to be detectable in about 50% of patients who had re-ceived only...


Les risques associe´s a` l’utilisation d’aprotinine: une e´tude
The risks associated with aprotinin use: a retrospective study of cardiac cases in Nova Scotia Les risques associe´s a` l’utilisation d’aprotinine: une e´tude re´trospective des cas de chirurgie cardiaque...


Aprotinin BioChemica
Aprotinin BioChemica. Synonym state of matter origin Formula M CAS-No. Aprotinin was isolated independently from two laboratories and originally named Bovine Pancreatic...


Protease Inhibitor
Storage: WGK: Composition: AEBSF · HCl Aprotinin E-64 Leupeptin hemisulfate. lyophilized. 38220000.


The Complete Guide for | Aprotinin
Protease Inhibitor. Aprotinin. Serine proteases a. General inhibitors for. Antipain-dihydrochloride Aprotinin Bestatin Chymostatin E-64 EDTA-Na2 Leupeptin.


Absence of Benecial Effect of Acute Normovolemic
...with Aprotinin on Allogeneic Blood Transfusion Requirements in Cardiac Surgery. ischemia, provided standard intraop-erative cell saving and high-dose aprotinin are used.


Although aprotinin has recently been approved by the Food and Drug Administra-tion for use as an antifibrinolytic agent, many surgeons continue to have concerns about its...


Pro: Aprotinin Has a Good Efcacy
Aprotinin has a favorable efficacy profile. to aprotinin on initial exposure is Ͻ0.1% (8,9). The overall incidence of adverse reactions to aprotinin upon re-exposure...


Aprotinin in Orthotopic Liver Transplantation
Aprotinin is a protease inhibitor isolated from bo-vine lungs and othcr lissues. In the initial rcport of a potentially beneficial effect of aprotinin in li ver transplantation ,9 the...