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College Notre Dame de Jamhour
Anne Frank was a jewish girl who was living with her family in Amsterdam when the Germans were invading Holland in 1940. The German authorities introduced harsh...


Вступительное испытание по английскому языку. Время
B. Berndnaut Smilde, an Amsterdam artist, has been making indoor clouds since 2010. They only last for a moment and they will definitely help anyone who’s trying to impress others with his or her...


Modality and Language
Amsterdam: Benjamins. Johan van der Auwera & Vladimir A. Plungian. Amsterdam: Benjamins. Ferenc Kiefer. 1987. “On Dening Modality”.


On The Concept o f “Expressiveness” I n Modern Linguistics
Amsterdam, vol. 56, N5, pp. 421 – 433. [18] Greenbaum S. (1970). Verb intensifier collocations/ S. Greenbaum. – the Hague – Paris:Mouton.


Microsoft Word - gerunds and infinitives part 1.doc
16. I don’t recommend _ (take) the bus, it takes forever! 17. We hope _ (visit) Amsterdam next month.


The European Union - A Brief History | The Treaty of Amsterdam
The Treaty of Amsterdam. was a rationalising treaty that amended pre-existing constitutive European Treaties.


Early British Colonies
New Amsterdam (now New York City), founded in 1625, became the capital of the colony (see map on page 25). In 1655, the Dutch extended their claims by taking over New Sweden, a tiny colony of...


Where did you have (you / have) dinner yesterday?
45.The sun rises (rise) in the East. 46.Tonight, I am meeting (meet) my friends at the shopping centre. 47.Jesus is in Amsterdam this week. He is staying (stay) at the Hilton. 48.I was (be)...


Microsoft Word - Travelling abroad - exercises.doc
New York Rome. Athens Tokyo. Amsterdam.


Package ‘normtest’
(Ed. by Revesz P., Sarkadi K., Sen P.K.) — Amsterdam-Oxford-New York: North-Holland.