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(PDF) Active Learning and Teaching Methods for Key Stages 1 and 2
Connecting their learning. 4. Active Learning and Teaching Methods. The Teacher as Facilitator. • This is an alternative way of transferring a large amount of factual information amongst pupils.


Learning Alternative Name Spellings | 4 Methods
We cast the problem of learning alternative spellings as a machine translation problem at the character level. We use in-formation retrieval evaluation methodology to show that this method...


Evolution Strategies as a Scalable Alternative to Reinforcement...
...as an alternative to popular MDP-based RL techniques such as Q-learning and Policy Gradients. Policy improvement methods: Between black-box optimization and episodic reinforcement learning.


A continual learning survey | 5.3 Parameter isolation methods
Methods tackling the continual learning problem typically involve extra hyperparameters to balance the stability-plasticity trade-off. These hyperparameters are in many cases found via a grid search, using...


How do states define alternative education?
Alternative education programs are often intended to support students who are underper-forming academically, have learning disabilities, display emotional or behavioral issues, are victims of other...


Active learning methods in programming
Content development for 72,000 learners: an online learning During the course lecturers apply modern and classic face-to-face classroom methods, pair or group work and provide...


Cooperative Learning
Merging Theory and Method: Cooperative Learning and Second Language Acquisition. McGroarty de-scribes the theoretical harmony in the merging of methods in cooperative learn-ing with strategies...


There are many alternative learning methods and variants for neural networks. In the case of feedfor-ward multilayer networks the rst successful algorithm was the classical backpropagation...


Preference-Based Reinforcement Learning Methods
A Survey of Preference-Based Reinforcement Learning Methods. Christian Wirth. which evaluate individual alternatives, and preference relations, which compare pairs of competing alternatives.


Non-Formal Learning Handbook
There are specific methods to promote intercultural learning, enhance physical development, and It provides alternative learning opportunities to people of all ages who have no access to formal...