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Part 23 – Small Airplane Certification Process Study. A life-cycle study which assesses the cumulative certification experience and makes recommendations for the next. twenty years.


Transport Airplane Issues List
Transport Airplane Issues List. Updated: 11/14/2019. Load Condition for Airplanes with an Transport Airplane Issues List. Updated: 11/14/2019. Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS)...


Aircraft Familiarization | Boeing Airplanes – 727, 757 Out of Production
Airplane Familiarization Activity. Name the following commercial airplane models Vertical Fin or Vertical Stabilizer. Generally, the vertical tail surface of an airplane which provides directional stability.


What is angle of attack?
Most commercial jet airplanes use the fuselage centerline or longitudinal axis as the reference line. It makes no difference what the reference line is, as long as it is used consistently.


Fuel Conservation Strategies
This article is the first in a series exploring fuel conservation strategies. Cost index Defined. The CI is the ratio of the time-related cost of an airplane operation and the cost of fuel.


Getting on an Airplane
over the airplane, helping the airplane fly. Smaller wings located on the tail of the airplane are called stabilizers. The fixed horizontal tailpiece is called the horizontal stabilizer, and the fixed vertical...


Looking at | Quick Reference to How Airplanes Fly 4
Looking at Airplanes. To explore the science of flight. Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum. Exhibits and Public Services Department Public Services Division. Table of contents.


H igh performance and complex
Transition to a complex airplane, or a high performance airplane, can be demanding for most pilots without pre-vious experience. Increased performance and increased complexity both require...


Aircraft Deicing and
airplane, can be either anti-icing or deicing depending on when the fluid dispers The certifica-tion requires the airplane and essential systems be protected against catastrophic effects from lightning.


The ailerons control roll, the movement of the airplane about its longitudinal axis. When the yoke is moved to the right, the right aileron moves up (effectively spoiling lift on the right wing)...