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A large body of literature on Advertising Creativity, Advertising Communication Process and Consumer Purchase Behaviour provides a basis for the present study.


Communication in Advertising
The psychology of advertising: The process of communication advertising of important pro-cesses and complex, with aims Declaration as a communication process masses to provide them with...


Marketing communication | Figure 3.2: Model of the marketing process
Communication MIX advertising. Personal selling sales promotion publicity This process is illustrated in Figure 3.5, as the IMC model of brand contact delivery systems.


Chapter 2: integrated marketing communication
All advertising (including OOH advertising), public relations, personal selling, direct-response Integrating the marketing communication elements has moved from being a planning process to a...


Online consumer behaviour: new criteria for web-based
• The association model of the advertising communication process (Preston 1982) • The facets model of effects (Moriarty, Mitchell and Wells 2009). The persuasive online paradigm.


Main Point 2. Communication Process
The Communication Process Loop should be displayed in the room. Explain that the Communication Process breaks down effective communication into the following steps: A. Sender...


Research on the mechanism of micro film advertising communication
Key words: Micro film advertising, advertising communication, complex network, communication. In the process of transmission, the video information and the related comments...


On the process of creative destruction, with which his name is interchangeably associated, he presciently remarked that “… the problem that is usually being visualized is how capitalism...


Irrationality in consumer behavior and its influence
The main aim of the project is to create an innovative model of advertising communication process perceptions. This article was made possible by Internal Grant Agency TBU in Zlin IGA/66/FaME/10/D.


The interactive advertising model: how users perceive and
Secondly, although past advertising models have accounted for processing in a broadcast and/or print Known as the uses and gratifications approach, functions of mass communication--such as...