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Also called Transport Advertising it goes piggy back on public transportation. Advertising Design. where these travel. It also includes placards and metal signs inside buses and trains, at railway and...


Online | other pages banner advertising
Other pages banner advertising. Monthly banner rates in Kshs. PAGE POSITION. Per SMS - with Standard Group database. Native Advertising.


26 Contacts 27 Advertising Terms and Conditions. We offer an extensive array of advertising features and niche publications allowing you to place your advertising in a quality, thinking...


How much? - Advertising rates
Advertising Pricing Formula. Base Rate Calculation Advt height (cm) x advt width (column) x rate = Price + GST. Add ons + loading rate (if applicable) = Price + GST - minus 25% for black and white advt.


ADVERTISING LOCATIONS. If you decide to advertise the position externally, you should consider who you are trying to attract to the role, and how best to reach them. All roles will automatically be...


M Atch the words with
Advertising gives people information about a product or a service. Local advertisers put a lot of their advertising on the radio. ü. Electronic billboards are the most expensive kind of outdoor advertising.


Advertising is not permitted for the promotion of products designed to help someone pass a drug test. Advertising is not permitted for products obtained from endangered or threatened species.


Online advertising: glossary
Online advertising: glossary. ASK SEARCH (ON PROPERTY ONLY) Sponsored Online advertising: glossary. BUSINESS Business oriented portals, technology sites, equipment...


In-Game Advertising Measurement
© 2009 Interactive Advertising Bureau. -2-. IAB In-Game Advertising Measurement Guidelines. In addition, In-Game Advertising planners and buyers can use this document to assist in determining...


A Mobile Advertising Overview
Mobile advertising is one of the most exciting new frontiers in interactive advertising in the US. As the In-ternet is reinvented on mobile devices—smaller, more personal and personalized...