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Top Management Challenges: Fiscal Year 2020
The U.S. Office of Personnel Management’s. Top Management Challenges for Fiscal Year 2020. OPM has no involvement in negotiating drug discounts, rebates, administrative fees, or other...


Top Management and Performance Challenges Facing HHS: 2017...
Top Management Challenge #9: Ensuring Program Integrity and Quality in Programs Serving 6. Improving Financial and Administrative Management and Reducing Improper Payments.


Top Management & Performance Challenges Facing HHS 2016
Top Management Challenge #4: Improving Financial and Administrative Management. Top Management Challenge #5: Ensuring the Proper Administration of HHS Grants for Public Health...


In-Home and Residential Long-Term Supports and Services for...
Stafng Outcomes and Administrative Concerns of Administrators of Large State IDD Facilities by Percent of PRF Administrators Reporting Specic Personnel Challenges FY 2002 versus FY 2012.


Governance challenges and suggested tools for
administrative ones and raise the question of the relevant scale at which water resources and services should be managed. The international community has been advocating for basin (rivers, aquifers...


The challenge of local
The challenge of local government financing in developing countries. The Challenge of Local Government Financing in Developing Countries First published in Nairobi in 2015...


Twin Challenges of Reducing Poverty and Creating Employment
address ongoing or emerging global challenges; and (iii) it advises interested Governments on the ways and means of translation policy frameworks developed in United Nations conferences and...


Challenges and Opportunities in International Human Resource
Administrative-cum-Accounts Officer & Head of Office, Sardar Swaran Singh National Institute of Global human resource management is a vital component of implementing global strategy and is...


Knowledge Management Systems: Issues, Challenges, and Benefits
Communications of the Association for Information Systems Knowledge Management Systems: Issues, Challenges, and Benefits


President's Management Agenda
Many of these challenges and shortcomings arise from statutory, administrative, management and President’s Management Agenda. Working across silos. The Federal Government’s...