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In-order vs. Out-of-order Execution
Out-of-order instruction execution • instructions are fetched in compiler-generated order • instruction completion may be in-order (today) or out-of-order (older computers) • in between they may be executed in some other order • independent CSE 471 -- Introduction to Out-of-Order Execution.


Types of Single Level Ordered Indexes. • In an ordered index le, index entries are stored sorted by the search key value. – most versatile kind of index: supports lookup by search key value or by range of search key values. • Primary Index: in a sequentially ordered le (e.g., for a relation)...


Law and Order: Lesson Plan Index Idioms Related to Law and Order Her husband was ordered by the court to pay her $1000 per month, but he stopped making the...


PowerPoint Presentation
If outcome or dependent variable is categorical but are ordered (i.e. low to high), then use ordered logit or ordered probit models. Some examples are: Do you agree or disagree with the President?


Figure 2 illustrates the file naming conventions used by lex and yacc. We'll assume our goal is to write a BASIC compiler. First, we need to specify all Typically an action returns a token that represents the matched string for subsequent use by the parser. Initially we will simply print the matched string rather...


Microsoft Word - APAstyle.doc
APA style uses the author/date method of citation in which the author's last name and the year of the publication are inserted in the actual text of the paper. It is the style recommended by the American Psychological Association and used in many of the social sciences.


CLIPS Tutorial | Ordered Facts
The order in which slots are specified is irrelevant. The following fact is treated as identical to the first Displaying Facts The facts command can be used to display the facts in the fact list. (facts) The effects of a watch command may be turned off by using the corresponding unwatch command...


8.3, predict the order of increasing electronegativity in each of the following groups of elements 2. Without using Fig. 8.3, predict which bond in each of the following groups will be the most polar


Microsoft Word - Big O notation.doc
= The notations and are often used in computer science; the lowercase o is common in mathematics but rare in computer science. We express complexity using big-O notation. For a problem of size N: a constant-time algorithm is "order 1": O(1) a linear-time algorithm is "order N": O(N) a quadratic-time...


Lecture 22 Notes
Courtesy of Futase_tdkr. Used with permission. · Ignore item order within block. § CPU operations considered free. · Items are indivisible. · Instead of algorithm explicitly moving data, use any conservative replacement strategy (e.g., FIFO or LRU) to evict from cache.