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The Guidance Effects of Students with Internet Addiction in Taiwan
“Internet addiction” is a popular term in studies of computer and Internet high users in Taiwan. The last stage was balance where individuals could have recovery from pathological Internet use and achieve balance from the Internet and the real world.


Introduction to Addiction
What is addiction? Etiology of addiction. 2. identify high-risk youths who have participated in gambling in order to prevent the progression of gambling addiction. Internet use - Stay online longer than originally intended - Risk of the loss of significant relationship, job, educational or career...




Understand the basic concepts underlying the steps in
Goal: Minimize the evaluation time for the query, i.e., compute query result as fast as possible. Cost Factors: Disk accesses, read/write operations, [I/O, page transfer] (CPU time is typically ignored). Dept. of Computer Science. UC Davis. 8. Query Processing and Optimization.


Types of Single Level Ordered Indexes. • In an ordered index le, index entries are stored sorted by the search key value. – most versatile kind of index: supports • Secondary Index: an index whose search key is dierent from the sequential order of the le (i.e., records in the le are not ordered according to...


Advancing Access to Addiction Medications
Pharmacotherapies for opioid addiction, used in concert with behavioral therapies and other recovery support services (commonly referred to as “Medication-Assisted Treatment” or “MAT”, have been shown to be highly effective in the treatment of opioid addiction.


20 employees X 2 systems/applications per year X 2 1/2 days per application (saved). = 100 days or 20 weeks of savings. Training and support often Build interfaces that allow people to learn by using the interface; Build interfaces that suggest correct models; Build interfaces that rely on prior learning.


Facebook Addiction among Malaysian Students
Addiction in general is defined as “the condition of being unable to stop taking or doing something harmful [18]. Different ethics‟ schools of thought believe that individuals are rational beings who have the ability to use their critical judgment to manage their lives [19]. Kant believed that whatever...


Network and Computer Security, Lecture 12
6.857 Computer and Network Security Lecture 12. Admin: Project proposals due this week.


Class on Computer Systems Security, Exam 2 Solution, Fall 2014
By using CloudCo machines as Tor entry and exit nodes, users could ensure that Tor congestion would only exist in the middle of a circuit. Assume that CloudCo genuinely wants to help Tor users, and that CloudCo congures its machines to faithfully execute the Tor protocol.