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Computer Game Addiction and Emotional Dependence
Computer games (games played on a computer, tablet, or any web-enabled device) have salient qualities, especially MMORPGs, that cause addictive symptoms. I investigated computer game addiction and usage in Trinity College students.


Computer Game Addiction and Loneliness in Children
Computer Game Addiction Scale: This scale was de-veloped by Horzum, Ayas and Balta (2008). It has 4-factors structure, including a total of 21 items. The first factor of the scale, called as “being unable to stop playing computer game”, consists of ten items.


Computer and Video Game Addiction„A Comparison between Game...
Background: Computer game addiction is excessive or com-pulsive use of computer and video games that may interfere with daily life. It is not clear whether video game playing meets di-agnostic criteria for Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fourth Edition (DSM-IV).


PC-Bang (Room) Culture: A Study | 1.5 Displacement and Addiction
With computer and Internet access so readily available to the public, both at home and at the PC-Bangs, the notion of Internet addiction and displacement Analyses of time spent playing computer games at the PC-Bang revealed some consistent difference between male and female students.


Computer Gaming Addiction in Adolescents and Young Adults
Gaming as Behavioral Addiction. • Experiencing rewards of game play causes significant activation of the reward pathway - PET scans observed. • An individual becomes addicted to computer gaming when, as a result of game play, sufficient rewards are applied in sufficient quantity through a sufficient...


Theory of Computer Gaming Addiction
Behavioral Addiction: Computer Gaming. • Experiencing rewards of game play causes significant activation of the reward pathway - PET scans Types of play - games, chat ,etc. and level of involvement • Others report of amount of play • Feelings associated with play and when not playing...


Computer Game Addiction
Computer Game Addiction. Joe Ahn Clemson University [email protected] Game addiction really started turning into a problem with the advent of Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games, or MMORPGs.


Table 3. The Pearson correlation between computer game addiction...
Most gaming addicts often experience bad moods. Moreover, their mood does not improve after playing computer games, and sometimes worsens. This fact requires an explanation, because any addiction causes distress and activates a particular mood, but in the case of computer game...


Efficacy of Computer Games on Language Learning
The findings indicate that computer games, especially the educational ones, are effective in the Nevertheless, it is not clear cut whether or not computer educational games have more positive The role of the learner's attention is also vital as the player's attention is divided between playing the...


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5. Computer Addiction – using the computer to play games. Tsai, & Lin’s (2003) article “Internet Addiction of Adolescents in Taiwan: An Interview study,” was a follow up to some research completed earlier on a number of Taiwanese students, sixteen and seventeen year olds, that were suspected of...