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Emotional Intelligence
From the Library of Unviolent. Revolution. UnviolentPeacemaker at ThePirateBay.


Viewpoints, Vol.2: Reflections on Guns, Fighters and Armed...
Through expert meetings, specific peace process reviews, perception studies, interviews and analysing experiences over the last two decades, as well as drawing upon the HD...


PowerPoint Presentation | 4. UN Core Competencies
1. Definitions 2. Importance 3. UN Core Values 4. UN Core Competencies 5. Managerial Competencies 6. Continuous Learning 7. What Individual Peacekeeping Personnel Can Do.


Notes on Nonviolent Action
• Moral • It is wrong to be violent — violence hurts people • Violence separates us from other Schutt, Randy, “Effective Nonviolent Action,” The Peacemaker, P.O. Box 627...


Help us meet the challenge
Peacemakers in Action Network Grows. Tanenbaum welcomes Jamila Afghani and Bishop Ntambo Ntamba to the Peacemakers Family.


Tools Peace Games
The Activities The activities included in this supple-ment are designed to integrate peace-making themes into literacy and the visual arts. They are a small sample of the...


Vip¥AbstractEn | Violence is often predictable and preventable
Collective violence is the instrumental use of violence by people who identify them-selves as members of a group against another group or set of individuals, in order to achieve...


Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19)
OMS estima într-un comunicat remis presei din 6 martie 2020.


Getting your workplace ready for COVID-19
Getting your workplace ready for COVID-19


Rev. Sun Myung Moon emerged as a great peacemaker and...
(1924–2010) August 2014 United States Secretary of State (1981–1982) From the book Peace King and adapted in honor of the anniversary of Sun Myung Moon's Seonghwa.