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United Nations | Violent extremism and atrocity crimes
United Nations and conflict prevention. 14. Conflict prevention, the core function of the United Nations, consists of efforts to stop violent conflict from breaking out, avoid its...


Peacemaker Teams, and the International Solidarity Movement
Nonpartisanship, interventionism and legality in accompaniment: comparative analyses of Peace Brigades International, Christian Peacemaker Teams, and the International Solidarity Movement.


Report of the Secretary-General on enhancing mediation
When the threshold of armed conflict is crossed, the ensuing violence transforms the dynamic as loss of life and property, and dramatically increases grievances on all sides.


A Video Game to Teach Peace
PeaceMaker is a computer game simulation of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. It is a tool that can be used to teach Israeli and Palestinian teenagers how both sides can work together to achieve peace.


America’s peacemaker. CRs’ legislaTive MandaTes. Whenever CRS mediators conducted violence prevention and conflict resolution activities in Fiscal Year 2011, CRS...


United Nations Peacekeeping Operations and
United States approximately twice as much as the United Nations to conduct a. peacekeeping operation similar to the UN stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH): an estimated $876 million...


Countering Violent Extremism
In recent years the landscape of violent extremism in West Africa has grown increasingly fractured and complex. Boko Haram has devastated livelihoods in the Lake Chad Basin. Conflict in northern Mali...


Peacemaker: player impact
PeaceMaker is a political simulation game from ImpactGames in which players take on Described as a “video game to teach peace” by its creators, PeaceMaker has gone on to...


Lesson 7.14 - A Lifestyle of Peace: Anger Escalation
Unit II - Becoming Peacemakers © 2010 Peace in a Community. Lesson 7.14 - A Lifestyle of Peace: Anger Escalation. Topic: Becoming Peacemakers Subtopic...


The Violent Video Game Moral Panic and
Teaching Us to Fear The Violent Video Game Moral Panic and. Politicians seemed more pas-sionate in their rhetoric about video game violence than they did discussing mental...