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Research ethics committees: Basic concepts for capacity-building
Research ethics committees. Ethical analysis. Organizing a training programme. • Research ethics committees must ensure that basic standards of information protection are guaranteed.


Casebook on
Casebook on ethical issues in international health research / edited by Richard Cash … [et al]. Individual case studies and chapter introductions relevant to the research ethics topic being...


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Understanding risk in the complex processes of health and medical care requires information about errors and so-called near misses. From them we can learn to close gaps of safety, reduce morbidity...


Basic Concepts And Methods In Ethics
There are many cases in ethics and in the law where conceptual issues are crucially important. One of the crucial questions in the abortion debate is whether the fetus is a "human person."


ENGINEERING ETHICS. The Kansas City Hyatt Regency Walkways Collapse. Their titles are, respectively: "Ethics and Professionalism in Engineering: Why the Interest in Engineering Ethics?


Chapter 1. Introduction to Computer | 2.3 Ethical Theory
Hopefully these typical ethical questions illustrates to you the diverse characters of ethical issues including, property Introduction to Computer Ethics. information identifies groups and not individuals.


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University of pretoria code of ethics for research. 5. Researchers and students under their supervision 5.1 Supervising students’ academic work 5.2 Training of postgraduate...


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Microsoft Word - 2019_HUM_UG_handbook_FOR PROOF COPY.xml


The tools and ethics for | 2:THE BASIC BRIEF
The BASIC methodology includes a set of ethical guidelines to help policymakers ensure they are Issues around privacy, consent and ethics of applying certain solutions to only some groups can arise.


BASIC - Toolkit & Ethical Guidelines for Applying Behavioural Insights...
Basic toolkit and ethical guidelines for policy makers – draft for What is this document? BASIC – the Behavioural Insights Toolkit & Ethical Guidelines has been developed by the...