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Java DB Reference Manual
ORDER BY CONSTRAINTNAME -- This example shows the use of the DISTINCT clause SELECT DISTINCT ACTNO. FROM EMP_ACT -- This example shows VALUES (3,21),(1,22),(2,23) ORDER BY 1 FETCH FIRST 2 ROWS ONLY -- using ORDER BY and OFFSET VALUES (3,21),(1,22),(2,23)...


Contract - GEO Group - ACD-4-C-0001, Order HSCEDM-09-F-00001
IMPORTANT- Mark all packages and papers with contract and/or order numbers. Daate of order icontract no. The purpose of this modification is to add funding for the month of May 2009. This increases the amount of funding by $1,500,000 from $20,101,620.54 to $21,601,620.54.


C++ and Root for Physicists
C++ and Root for Physicists


Organization and Maintenance of Large Ordered Indices
iii) The natural order of the keys is maintained and allows pro-cessing based on that order like: find predecessors and successors; search the file sequentially to answer queries; skip, delete, retrieve a number of records starting from a glven key. iv) If retrievals, insertions, and deletions come in batches


FAA Order 8150.1D - Technical Standard Order Program
When a CAA informs the ACO that one of its manufacturers that holds a LODA is changing its name, relocating facilities, or being acquired by another company in accordance with chapter 5, paragraph 5b of this order, the ACO: (1) Verifies the CAA provided written confirmation that the manufacturer’s legal...


FAA Order 8100.8D - Designee Management Handbook
This order establishes the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) procedures to be used by the Aircraft Certification Service (AIR) and Flight Standards Service (AFS) for managing the FAA’s representatives of the Administrator (designee) program. In addition, this order provides geographic restriction...


By order of the
The MAJCOM, FOA or DRU will activate and assign the unit by issuing a G-Series Order citing the DAF/A1M letter as authority. The effective date of an organization action is either published in the DAF/A1M letter or in the order issued by a MAJCOM, FOA, or DRU.


By order of the commanders
2.5.1. Unit developed checklists may be used in lieu of flight manual checklists (except -25 checklists) provided they contain, as a minimum, all items (verbatim and in order) listed in the applicable checklist.


By order of the secretary
supersede, conflict with, or otherwise alter the employee obligations, rights, or liabilities created by existing statute or Executive order relating to (1) classified The definitions, requirements, obligations, rights, sanctions, and liabilities created by controlling Executive orders and statutory provisions are...


1.1 Order
Order messages that are originated from the external HIS/RIS and are accepted by HIIS are patient related. The patient identification segment is required. If the order contains a patient that does not exist in the Fuji PACS database, a new patient will be created using the information provided in the...