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15 LEGENDS David F. Swensen Cbieflnvestment Ofncer
David F. Swensen. Cbieflnvestment Ofncer, Yale Endowment. David Swensen has been the chief investment officer at Yale University since 1985. His success at generating returns at the $22.5 billion fund


David Swensen
David Swensen, Yale’s Chief Investment Officer, is responsible for more than $18 billion in Endowment assets and several hundreds of millions of dollars of other investment funds. Under his stewardship during the past 21 years the Yale Endowment generated returns of 16.3 percent per annum...


David F. Swensen
203-432-0119 [email protected] DAVID SWENSEN, YALE’S CHIEF INVESTMENT OFFICER, oversees $20.0 billion in Endowment assets and several hundreds of millions of dollars of other investment funds. Under his stewardship during the past 27 years the Yale Endowment...


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David Swensen Speaks Out
David Swensen Speaks Out: Are Hedge Funds of Funds a Cancer? Yale endowment manager David Swensen set off alarms throughout the investment community with the following remarks, which he provided in a January 13 interview with Wall Street Journal reporter Craig Karmin


World Economic
Coady, David, and others (2019). Global fossil fuel subsidies remain large: an update based on country-level estimates. Stern, David I., Paul J. Burke and Stephan B. Bruns (2019). The impact of electricity on economic development: a macroeconomic perspective.


HD Ultra
Throughout this license, the terms `package', `FreeType Project', and `FreeType archive' refer to the set of files originally distributed by the authors (David Turner, Robert Wilhelm, and Werner Lemberg) as the `FreeType Project', be they named as alpha, beta or final release.




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