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CONVERSION | Lewis Rambo’s stage model
According to Lewis Rambo, conversion is always a complex process “that takes place in a dynamic force field of people, events, ideologies, institutions, expectations, and orientations” (Rambo 1993, 5)...


Conversion to Islam
Rambo, for example, defines a religious conversion as “a process of religious change that takes From the above descriptions of Rambo‟s conversion stages, his model of religious conversion...


The Navajo Tradition - Transition to the Bahá’í Faith
Rambo defines religious conversion as a “turning from and turning to new religious groups, ways of life, systems of belief, and modes of relating to a deity or the nature of reality...


Converts to Zionism in the
Lewis R. Rambo, "Conversion," The Encyclopedia of Religion 4 (New York, 1987) r8. Rambo, "Conversion," p. 75· Compare John Lofland and Rodney Stark, "Becoming a World-Saver: A Theory...


Surviving and Thriving in
Rambo’s seven stages of conversion cover facets of a typical conversion to Contemporary Paganism (Rambo 168). However, some questers make a complete lifestyle change when converting.


Cultural factors in conversion: rambo
Rambo’s approach to conversion covers the full spectrum of religious activity and offers a very Rambo’s approach to analyze conversion is useful for researchers, but it did not cause many...


A review of Lewis R. Rambo and Charles
The Oxford Handbook of Religious Conversion (Rambo and Farhadian 2014) shows us that religious conversion is a profoundly complex experience and that all disciplines of the social sciences and...


Committed Converts toThe Church of Jesus Christ
Attachment Changes Post-Conversion in Committed Converts toThe Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Rambo (1993) used labels to identify the organizational status of the conversion.


Phillis Isabella Sheppard, Ph.D.
Response to Lewis Rambo, “Conversion Studies, Pastoral Counseling, and Cultural Studies: Engaging and Embracing a New Paradigm,” Ex Auditu: An International Journal for the Theological...


Psychology of Conversion
conversion in psychology: Rambo, Lofland… www.sahayaselvam.org. • Conversion is studied within psychology of religion from the perspective of social psychology