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CONVERSION | Lewis Rambo’s stage model
Therefore, conversion is what the converted individual says it is. Rambo’s theory on conversion is often mentioned in overviews of the study of conversion and handbooks on the subject.


American Converts to Islam, Post-Conversion Experiences Post 9/11
Converts’ experiences, including converts to Islam, attract the attention of some scholars of Rambo (1993) explains that understanding conversion is not satisfactory to all as it is complex to understand...


JSRI 16 | Conversion as a religious and social option
By applying Lewis Rambo’s systemic stage model of conversion we are able to identify a series of elements that characterize the conversion to this religion in Romania, such as: social filtering...


Cultural factors in conversion: rambo
Rambo’s approach to conversion covers the full spectrum of religious activity and offers a very Rambo’s approach to analyze conversion is useful for researchers, but it did not cause many...


Microsoft Word - conversion of sa's to buddhism final end.doc
Conversion; Buddhism; L.R. Rambo; Taking Refuge; Developmental Theory; South Africans 3.1 The nature of conversion 3.2 L.R.Rambo’s conversion theory. 4 the background from which...


MISSIOLOGY | 3.4. Commitment and Consequences in conversion
According to Rambo, conversion is a complex, multifaceted process involving personal, cultural Rambo's model of understanding religious conversion, which acknowledges the complexity of the...


Conversions in context
Conversions in context 79. communication, mission praxis and stimulate reflexive engagement and enhance perspectives on contextual praxis. Rambo, L 1995. Understanding religious conversion.


Christian Conversion 1902-1993 | Lewis Rambo
Timothy Yates Christian Conversion 1902-1993: James to Lewis Rambo. 101. James' case studies are of individuals in North American or European contexts and relate to their personal experiences.


A Review of Lewis R. Rambo and Charles E. Farhadians The Oxford...
The Oxford Handbook of Religious Conversion (Rambo and Farhadian 2014) shows us that religious conversion is a profoundly complex experience and that all disciplines of the social sciences and...


Preface: Special Issue in Honor of Lewis Rambo
Rambo, L. (1993). Understanding religious conversion. New Haven: Yale University Press. 46(3), 259–271. Rambo, L. (2010). Conversion studies, pastoral counseling, and cultural studies: Engaging...