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CONVERSION | Lewis Rambo’s stage model
According to Lewis Rambo, conversion is always a complex process “that takes place in a dynamic force field of people, events, ideologies, institutions, expectations, and orientations” (Rambo 1993, 5)...


Christian Conversion 1902-1993 | Lewis Rambo
Timothy Yates Christian Conversion 1902-1993: James to Lewis Rambo. 101. James' case studies are of individuals in North American or European contexts and relate to their personal experiences.


Conversion of south africans to buddhism
Conversion; Buddhism; L.R. Rambo; Taking Refuge; Developmental Theory; South Africans 3.1 The nature of conversion 3.2 L.R.Rambo’s conversion theory. 4 the background from which...


Conversions from islam to christianity
1. Introduction. 2. Conversion in Multiple Perspectives. 3. Researching Conversions in the Sudan. When Rambo (1993) writes about reasons for conversion, he adopts the term ‘motifs’ as used by...


Genesis 1-11 and the african worldview
A convert to Christianity needs to be taught what he can expect to happen to him and what the Christian community expects from him. Rambo, L 1998. The Psychology of Religious Conversion.


Conversion to Islam
Rambo, for example, defines a religious conversion as “a process of religious change that takes From the above descriptions of Rambo‟s conversion stages, his model of religious conversion...


Rambo Understanding Religious Conversion
rambo understanding religious conversion BOOK-ID 7CBC7BC. Rambo Understanding Religious Conversion.


Cultural factors in conversion: rambo
Rambo’s approach to conversion covers the full spectrum of religious activity and offers a very useful synthesis of many previous models, including their weaknesses.


LEWIS R. RAMBO, author of Understanding Religious Conversion
Rambo considers the surrounding world while defining religious conversion. He acknowledges the presence of the divine, in line with other studies (James, 1902/2004; Ullman, 1989; Zinnbauer...


The Oxford Handbook of Religious Conversion
A Review of Lewis R. Rambo and Charles E. Farhadian’s The Oxford Handbook of Religious Conversion. Abstract This is a review of the Oxford Handbook of Religious Conversion.