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An Introduction to Psychological Statistics
What statistics are not. Many psychology students dread the idea of taking a statistics course, and more than a few have changed majors upon learning that it is a requirement.


Statistics and its role in psychological research
Statistics, as a branch of applied mathematics, consists of univariate and multivariate procedures. As multivariate statistics is introduced in The Construction and Use of Psychological Tests and...


Psychological statistics. Complementary course. For. In psychology, statistics is very much essential as it involves measurement of behaviours, especially in various experiments for...


Learning Statistics with JASP | 1.1 On the psychology of statistics
Overview Learning Statistics with JASP covers the contents of an introductory statistics class, as typically taught to undergraduate psychology students. The book discusses how to get started in...


Reporting Statistics in Psychology
5. Reporting Statistics in Psychology. Data were analysed using a mixed-design ANOVA with a Reporting Statistics in Psychology. Correlations Italicise r and p. Omit the leading zero from r.


Statistical Methods in Psychology Journals
statistical methods only and is not meant as an assessment of research methods in general. Psychology is a broad science. Methods appropriate in one area may be inappro-priate in another.


Activities for Teaching Statistics and Research Methods: A Guide for...
  Statistics and research methods courses in psychology form the scientific foun-dation of the discipline and are required in virtually every undergraduate psychology program (Stoloff et al., 2010).


Summary Report: Admissions, Applications, and Acceptances
American Psychological Association Education Directorate. American Psychological Association. www.apa.org/ed/graduate. Graduate Study in Psychology Summary Report: Admissions...


Course time: Time M/W/F 9:10 - 10:00 am
psychology course, psychology is the scientific study of mental processes (e.g., thinking and feeling) and behavior. Psychologists use numerical measurements, quantitative methods of analysis...


Statistical Literacy in Psychology
(2008). AP psychology: Teaching statistics and research methods. Curriculum Module. Statistics and mathematics anxiety in social science students: Some interesting parallels.