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PiHKAL. by Alexander Shulgin and Ann Shulgin. If you are seriously interested in the chemistry contained in these files, you should order a copy of the book PiHKAL.


A Chemical Love Story | A Guide to PIHKAL
(Unnished) Review of PIHKAL: A Chemical Love Story. This review is considered to be unnished, because there is so much in PIHKAL that it would not be possible to ever nish exploring, and because...


960 PIHKAL — A Chemical Love Story
958 PIHKAL — A Chemical Love Story. experience, comes to recognize his own personal alert. It may be a tinge of lightheadedness, a chill, or a brief raising of the hair on his neck, and simply serves as a...


Download and Read Free Online Pihkal: A Chemical Love Story by Alexander Shulgin (1995-05-22) Alexander Shulgin; Ann Shulgin; From reader reviews


Pihkal: A Chemical Love Story PDF
Pihkal: A Chemical Love Story | Alexander Shulgin I was recommended this book by a dear friend of PiHKAL · info is a visual index and map of “PiHKAL: A Chemical Love Story,” by Alexander & Ann...


The Challenges of Analytical Method Validation of
PIHKAL is an acronym that stands for “Phenethylamines I Have Known And Loved”. 1990’s, early 2000’s. PMA, rise of methamphetamine. 1991 Publication of PiHKAL.


Why am I here today? | PIHKAL
Why am I here today? The Drugs Named In These Books. PIHKAL. The Essential Amphetamines. • PMA (para-methoxy-amphetamine) • 2,4-DMA (2,4-dimethoxy-amphetamine) • 3,4-DMA (3...


From K2 to Kratom | PiHKAL
PiHKAL. Phenylethylamines I Have Known and Loved published in 1991. Ø Amazon price: $20.92. Ø “Frequently bought together”: PiHKAL, TiHKAL, The Shulgin index.


Virginia Kelly Karnes Archives and Special Collections
FINDING AID TO Stewart Frescas’ Lab Copy of PiHKAL. Purdue University Libraries Virginia Kelly Karnes Archives and Special Collections.


New mescaline concentrations from 14 taxa/cultivars of Echinopsis spp.
Shulgin, A., Shulgin, A., 1991. PIHKAL: A Chemical Love Story. Transform Press, Berkeley, CA, 978 pp.